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Tissue in with the dark wash help !!!

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Hideehi · 31/12/2007 13:28

I've washed it all again and it's made not a jot of difference, any ideas please ?

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 31/12/2007 13:31

leave till dry and brush off - no other way I'm afraid

nightmare with cords

themoon66 · 31/12/2007 13:31

Tumble dry the whole wash. Works best if you put a couple of bounce sheets in too, to take out the static. All the tissue fragments will end up in the filter. Just keep cleaning the filter and re-tumbling to whole lot is clear.

themoon66 · 31/12/2007 13:32

Actually, if there is a breeze outside where you are, I would hang it out first, then tumble dry on low temperature.

chipmonkey · 31/12/2007 14:03

agree re tumble drying, if you have a dryer that is!

brimfull · 31/12/2007 14:08

I'm always doing this.

It's always dh who leaves tissues in pocket.Really pisses me off,so I do nothing and leave lovely black clothes with a fine dusting of kleenex mist all over them in his wardrobe.

I have also decided life is too short to bother about socks and clothes that are inside out.I pair up socks inside out,fold tops inside out and laugh heartily at my ingenious space saving sluttish ways.

Glad I got that off my chest.

nannyL · 31/12/2007 18:15

i font the answer is to only ever use ultra balm tissued

i regulary wash these (by mistake) sometimes at 60 and they never discintigarte in the wash.

(someitmes i think i could actually dry and re-use them.... but i dont!)

VanillaPumpkin · 31/12/2007 18:25

I second the tumble drier approach. Gets blooming everywhere though.

octavia · 31/12/2007 18:31

poor you, I get really annoyed when that happens here

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