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URGENT help needed - DD has spilt nail polish on new white top!!

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pollypumpkin · 29/12/2007 17:03

Have removed most of it with nail polish remover but how do I deal with the stain that's left behind?

The stain is quite pale, but she is very particular about these things, and has just spent some Christmas money on buying this top! Any tips?

OP posts:
chocolatespiders · 29/12/2007 17:06

could you soak the stained bit in remover for a few hours?

not sure to be honest

pollypumpkin · 29/12/2007 17:20

yes, thinking of just putting vanish liquid on it but had some notion that there was something special you are meant to do with nailpolish stains!

OP posts:
chocolatespiders · 29/12/2007 17:31

what about a stain devil? not sure thaty still sell them though

Milliways · 29/12/2007 17:34

De-Solv-It is brilliant for all these disasters, Never let me down!

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