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Wax splatters absolutely all over a corduroy dress

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BroccoliSpears · 26/12/2007 14:26

Has anyone had any luck getting wax out? How did you do it?

I've tried ironing over greaseproof paper on other things in the past and not had much luck.

It's a burgandy dress, quite frilly, fine corduroy.

Please tell me it can be saved - she's not even worn it yet .

OP posts:
pukkapatch · 26/12/2007 14:27

i doubt it.
sorry, not what you wanted to hear.

if you cant get it out, and are handy with a needle, embroider something on top of each splatter, might make it look wearbale.

KatyMaChristmas · 26/12/2007 14:31

I use a cool iron & kitchen paper & take lots of time

BroccoliSpears · 26/12/2007 14:32

Kitchen paper rather than greaseproof?

Will try that.

OP posts:
KatyMaChristmas · 26/12/2007 14:33

It soaks it up

Go over it lots of times with new bits of paper

Are there blobs you can flick off?

POOKAingwenceslaslookedout · 26/12/2007 14:34

Definitely kitchen roll. And plenty of time, with a not too hot iron. You may be left with marks almost like oil where the wax has lifted, but that should come out with a pre-wash treatment like vanish or stain devil.

themulledsnowmanneredjanitor · 26/12/2007 14:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BroccoliSpears · 26/12/2007 14:40

Feeling hopeful now.
Thank you.
I'll go gently all over with my fingernail and flick as much as I can off without damaging the dress, then have a go with the iron and some kitchen paper. Hmm. I don't have kitchen paper. Would loo roll do the same job? Perhaps I should buy kitchen paper.

OP posts:
Mawma · 26/12/2007 14:40

brown paper and iron

themulledsnowmanneredjanitor · 26/12/2007 14:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FlllightAttendant · 26/12/2007 14:42

Greaseproof won't absorb grease/wax. Thus the name

Brown paper best, failing that newspaper or kitchen roll.
Keep going over it till nothing more shows up on paper. Then treat with vanish and wash.

FlllightAttendant · 26/12/2007 14:43

Do you have old grocery bags? They are good. the paper ones obv...

BrieVinDeAlkaSeltzer · 26/12/2007 14:48

Put it in the freezer, that will take most of it off, then ideally brown paper.

BroccoliSpears · 26/12/2007 15:31

I have plenty of brown paper. Good.

I thought putting in the freezer was for chewing gum?

OP posts:
KatyMac · 26/12/2007 16:25

The colder it is the more solid it is

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