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I have had (grudging) permission to tidy DD(10)'s room while she is out - How much can I throw out???

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KatyMaChristmas · 26/12/2007 11:08

If it is in the same place as when I tidied last year is it acceptable to dispose of?

If I don't like it (received as a gift previously) & don't let her wear it out of the house can it go?

Help - I guess I need to keep some stuff - but what?

OP posts:
KbearingUpUnderTheStrain · 26/12/2007 11:11

Be ruthless, she'll thank you for it when she has a tidy room and space for her new stuff.

If you don't like it, chuck it!

NutterlyUts · 26/12/2007 11:41

Maybe you could have a bag/box for stuff you want to chuck out but are unsure of, and if she asks about it, it comes back?

KatyMaChristmas · 26/12/2007 13:01

Thant's what I think Ruthless!!!

Nutterly you are too nice

I got rid of all clothes that are too small

I am working on her shelves and stuff atm - but she is coming back - Oh no - I'm not nearly finished (& I am doing it today)

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 26/12/2007 13:05

I did ds's room a few months ago and chucked anything I felt like as long as I was SURE it wasn't

a) Star Wars piece
b) Bey blade/yu gi oh related
c) currently loved

I threw loads, he didn't notice.

KatyMaChristmas · 26/12/2007 13:06

That's what I recon

Get rid of it all

Anyway back into the fray

OP posts:
KatyMaChristmas · 26/12/2007 14:19

Whole sets of books are going

Fairy book - rainbow, weather, jewel, party, pet - great

Animal Ark - maybe 30 plus of them

This is fab

OP posts:
pukkapatch · 26/12/2007 14:22

be ruthless. if she cant take are ofit hersekfm then it goes.

KatyMaChristmas · 26/12/2007 14:30

Ruthless I am being

Black bin bag of clothes

OP posts:
KatyMaChristmas · 26/12/2007 15:04

Over 100 books

This is going well

OP posts:
Kbear · 26/12/2007 17:22

Take the books into your local junior school for their library - don't chuck them.

KatyMac · 26/12/2007 18:51

I am taking them to the 2nd hand book store and get 25% of the cover price

BrieVinDeAlkaSeltzer · 26/12/2007 18:52

Give them to a school, don't be so tight, you would love to get them for your nursery when the time comes.

KatyMac · 26/12/2007 18:54

DD has already planned the books she will buy with the money

Not these books - bit old for the nursery

BrieVinDeAlkaSeltzer · 26/12/2007 19:24

I am saying that you would love a clear out of appropriate bookscoming your way when the time was right as opposed to someone selling them.

BrieVinDeAlkaSeltzer · 26/12/2007 19:25

books coming even....

KatyMac · 26/12/2007 19:37

I would - but I already bought 200 or so from here

They are her books and all the ones from the 2nd hand book shop were bought with her birthday/Christmas money. So it is her money really - If I had bought them I would agree with you

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