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Moisture absorber recommendation

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BlueBloodedBlue · 13/01/2022 19:17

The cupboard under our stairs has an outside wall and although there isn't any water coming in, it gets very cold and musty smelling which is seeping into the living room.

There is no electric point in there so we can't have a dehumidifier so was hoping to get a recommendation for a moisture absorber as there are so many out there!

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Chamomileteaplease · 15/01/2022 13:15

@BlueBloodedBlue I bought quite a reasonably priced thing from Lakeland.

It's a plastic box with crystals in it which soak up the moisture from the inside of my window. I am sure it could work for your cupboard too Smile.

BlueBloodedBlue · 16/01/2022 09:29

Thanks for replying @Chamomileteaplease, I've bought the same type of thing from Dyas, fingers crossed it sorts it.

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justaweeone · 16/01/2022 09:41
BigbreastsBiggerbeard · 16/01/2022 21:32

These are great. You can get them in Asda, Wilko's and other places too. Very satisfying to see the water collect!

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