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SH1T. I've got white emulsion on my leather sofa. Help!!

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Madoldcatlady · 23/12/2007 20:27

Please help. I sat on the sofa (like an idiot) in my painting gear and now have a lovely white splodge on it.

Any suggestions to help remove it. I have turps but suspect that will knacker the leather.

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DoesntChristmasDragOn · 23/12/2007 20:28

Is it wet or dry? It should wash off with water as it's water based. Dry, it may well just peel off.

Nbgdoesnthaveachristmasname · 23/12/2007 20:28

If its emulsion it should come off with just water and maybe a bit of fairy.

XmastimePelvicfloorsandWine · 23/12/2007 20:29


discoverlife · 23/12/2007 20:30

Actually lotion based baby wipes are great for the leather as well. I use them to moisturise my sofa and the car seats all the time.

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy · 23/12/2007 20:31

Emulsion should wash off with soap and warm water.
It is gloss on leather you should have palpitations over!

DoesntChristmasDragOn · 23/12/2007 20:33

Oh, babywipes are fab!

Madoldcatlady · 23/12/2007 20:34

God. I'm so harrassed. I said emultion but I meant GLOSS! That's a bugger isn't it?

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Madoldcatlady · 23/12/2007 20:34

Now I can't flaiming spell either!

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DoesntChristmasDragOn · 23/12/2007 20:35

Ah. Is it waterbased gloss? [hopeful]

Madoldcatlady · 23/12/2007 20:36

Dunno. Will look.

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WendyWeber · 23/12/2007 20:36

If it doesn't peel off it should scrape off - might bugger the leather a bit but you can polish it up again?

Has to be better than getting gloss paint on fabric!

DoesntChristmasDragOn · 23/12/2007 20:37

Baby wipes may still be your best bet.

Madoldcatlady · 23/12/2007 20:37

Solvent based.

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MeMySonAndI · 23/12/2007 20:37


I have never tried it in dark leather but, alcohol gel (that that is used to desinfect your hands) makes wonders. But you need to be quick. If you have no access to it I would get straight to the turpentine (with its associated risks) once dry it will stay for ever.

discoverlife · 23/12/2007 20:38

If its oil based gloss you are going to have to use the turps I think, but immediatly slap the heavyest moisturiser you own on it afterwards.

Madoldcatlady · 23/12/2007 20:38

Joy of joys! Now I've got it on the bloody computer desk.

I knew I should have stuck to wrapping presents.

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 23/12/2007 20:39

If your leather was shiny [hopeful] it shouldn't stick that well anyway - you know how you have to sand down old paint to make a rough surface for the new paint to stick to?

Try lifting the edges with a teaspoon or something and see if it will peel.

DoesntChristmasDragOn · 23/12/2007 20:40

FGS take your sodding painting overalls off and clean your hads!!

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy · 23/12/2007 20:41

Like I said It is GLOSS you have palpitations over.
Are you palpitating?!

Sorry, not helping am I?

bodiddly · 23/12/2007 20:48

word of warning on baby wipes .. some types of leather lose their colour with baby wipes, my John Lewis one in particular!

Madoldcatlady · 23/12/2007 20:48

Well bugger me.

I rummaged through the kitchen to find anything suitable to clean it with and the best I could come up with was Stubben Glycerine Saddle soap and a pan scourer.

And believe it or not it's gone!

I tried soap and water first and it didn't budge but the saddle soap did it in a second.

Right Ovies are off. Hands are clean. I'm off to wrap presents.

Thanks everyone.

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