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Smelly dryer suggestions please!!!!

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ilovewashingnappies · 23/12/2007 18:15

After having damp problems and deciding to use terry nappies we were very grateful to receive a tumble dryer from a relatives when little one was born. The damp issues are getting better and I have lovely dry nappies all the time

However my beloved dryer is getting smellier....

I have cleaned the insideam emtying the fluff and water thing but it is still smelly. Not keen on buying 'bounce' type stuff but would be grateful for any ideas

OP posts:
discoverlife · 23/12/2007 18:21

Put some bicarbonate of sode in it overnight, when you turn it on next day make sure the vent is facing outwards when you turn it on, as the filter wont catch the powder and it will blow everywher also that it is on the no heat setting.

discoverlife · 23/12/2007 20:17

Also, try running it on hot/dry for a while. You probably do have some fluff jammed somewhere. On a different note, have you checked the outbound pipe (or is it a condensor dryer?) for dead mice etc.

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy · 23/12/2007 20:19

Tumble drier smelling? How bizzarre!
Just a tumbler, not a washer-dryer?

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