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Help needed, washing machine has just died!

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cali · 22/12/2007 19:45

Washing machine died on us this afternoon and we need a replacement urgently (dd1 2.5yrs, dd2 3months = lots of washing!!) We've been online but can't seem to find any retailers that you can just pick a machine up from, most will deliver after several days after christmas but really need one now.
Does anyone know of any retailers in the Edinburgh/Fife/Perth area that have washing machines in stock? Dh likes the look of the Indesit Moon?

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traceukw1 · 22/12/2007 20:01

If you ask the engineers on this site they will be able to help you and they dont rate the Indesit Moon very highly.

Good luck.

WendyWeber · 22/12/2007 20:08

Indesit Moon looks fab, but Which weren't impressed either.

Currys do Reserve and Collect before 4pm on C Eve - I just put in a made-up EH1 postcode and it looked as if they had some (I put Bosch machines in because they are fantastic and not too expensive)

cali · 22/12/2007 20:25

Thanks, I thought the indesit moon looked a bit gimmicky, internet has been playing up too and couldn't get currys reserve and collect to accept our postcode!
looks like I'll be getting an unexpected christmas present. Will check out ukwhitegoods as well,

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WendyWeber · 22/12/2007 20:28

Well put in EH1 1AA (which was my made-up one) and then when you get a bit further in it asks for a town - there is at least one Edinburgh store with at least 1 machine in stock!

cali · 22/12/2007 21:38

Won't be getting another pressie! Looked at ukwhitegoods and now have a very wet floor but a washing that now works!
So thanks for your help and saving us money

OP posts:
southeastastra · 22/12/2007 21:39

try ebay seriously there are some bargains on there

WendyWeber · 22/12/2007 21:40

Ohhh - was the pump blocked?

traceukw1 · 23/12/2007 00:36

Glad it worked out for you in the end

cali · 23/12/2007 17:32

Belt had fallen off and filter was a bit gunky, just wonder if I can persuade dh to spend the equivalent of a new machine on me!

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