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Canapes for Christmas Day (Pre Lunch with Champagne) Please tell me your Favs!

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whichwitch · 20/12/2007 20:58

I have 11 sitting for Christmas lunch (plus another 8 arriving in the afternoon) so have decided to skip starter and go for champagne and canapes on arrival. Please would you be so kind as to tell me your favourite canapes - I do have a couple of ovens and a microwave but they will be largely in use that day so ideally something easy to prepare tasty (can be exotic) and the perfect ones could be prepared in advance. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

OP posts:
BoysAreLikeReindeer · 20/12/2007 21:35

Waitrose magazine had some really good ideas eg buy a pack of 25 meatballs, squish down to patties, fry and serve on mini-rolls as teeny tiny burgers

ArcticRoll · 20/12/2007 21:43

Organic smoked salmon on rye bread with lemon.

TheYoungVisiturkeyandstuffing · 20/12/2007 21:53

smoked halibut is divine - serve it like smoked salmon but the flavour and texture is much more delicate. I often do a plate of half and half, just on thinly sliced granary bread spread with plenty of butter and black pepper. V easy to make in advance, you can keep in the fridge under clingfilm.

I had a gorgeous canape at a party the other day - really simple. Pre-bought canape case, spoonful of ready-made guacamole (or you could make your own), top with a quail's egg and a basil leaf. Doesn't sound much on paper but was soooooo tasty.

But mainly I think keep it simple. People always underestimate how filling canapes are and you don't want to take the edge off the meal too much.

BitTiredNow · 20/12/2007 21:58

my fave is individual yorkshires (aunt bessies to save time) with a spoonful of horseradish and creme fraiche mix dip in the middle, topped with a strip of roast beef. mmm mmm MMMM. I went to one drinks party where the hostess served a soup in shot glasses - it was a clear soup with chopped mushrooms and herbs in it - sounds grim but it was delicious. Also what about the old standby of bunging a whole camenbert topped with cranberry sauce in the oven and serving when melted with breadsticks?

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