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Christmas tips for cleaner and gardener

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ExDhsNutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire · 19/12/2007 09:23

What is the going rate / norm for Christmas tips?
My lovely cleaner has only been with me for a few months but I do want to give her something. Money or a gift?

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maisykins · 19/12/2007 09:36

I gave mine money. She was only here for 6 weeks - I was giving her the extra work as she needed it to make some more money before going back to Poland, and I was sort of treating myself for 6 weeks. But in my experience most cleaners are doing that job as they really need money so I figure that's probably the best thing to give.

ExDhsNutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire · 19/12/2007 10:34

Yes you're probably right. In previous years I have given double pay for the pre-xmas visit but given this one has only been cleaning for us for about 3 months I was wondering if that was over the top. Was thinking a bottle of champagne and an extra £10?

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maisykins · 19/12/2007 11:46

Well I normally paid mine £20 per visit (2.5 hours) and gave her £30 this time. She seemed very happy. I guess the amount depends on how it compares to her normal pay. I would think 50% is fine and the bubbly is a nice touch if she is staying on (mine was leaving).

CarmenerryChristmas · 19/12/2007 11:49

I am giving mine two weeks money as she will miss out on a weeks work due to Christmas and a bottle of Cava and a jar of Crabtree and Evelyn body butter. I love her and she works really hard.

ExDhsNutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire · 19/12/2007 17:43

Ok champagne (cost £14) + 50% extra pay (about £15 as she normally gets £30) sounds good. Thanks all

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