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§--§--§--§--Tuesday FLY--§--§--§--§

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DaveTheFreeRangeHamsterHasGone · 04/12/2007 07:36


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DaveTheFreeRangeHamsterHasGone · 04/12/2007 07:39


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ludaloolovesmincepies · 04/12/2007 08:02


Day at home today..dh has the car all day. DS has his Hib Booster vaccination this afternoon though, so will have the car back for that.

Bianca didn't spot you yesterday, hope you are well

jas sorry to hear about the hamster ...ours died a few months ago. But looking on the bright least you won't have to clean it out now!

tort...lovely pic! (my dd1 has to be a pine tree for her nativity...I'm going to do a similar costume to your dd's. Hope your thumb is ok this morning! (and your other wounds!)

TMH Sorry to hear of your news, and that it was such a shock, I hope it all goes ok

Hello to ALL

TheMincePiedMadHouse · 04/12/2007 09:06

Morning all

Jas May dave rest in peace

Well I have sone morning routine and we are off to mums and toddlers at 10 then back for lunch and hopefully some Flying.

I am OK this morning - I am looking at this in a positive way. I want to grow up to see my kids go to navitys etc and this gives me the opportunity if I have the gene fault to find out and take action

BiancaCastafiore · 04/12/2007 09:09

Hello, just time for a quick post before I go into work.

Tort great photo!
TMH I'm so sorry about your mums news - I'm still having the whole to-know-or-not-to-know debate about being tested myself...
Jas sorry about the hamster. He had a great name! (we used to have a goldfish called Dave )
Luda Hello Busy, busy, busy, hope to catch up soon x
Grouchy, EHM, Ruby, Gibberish, Simply, Neverenough erm everyone else HELLO!

Life is frantic and I expect it will be until Christmas - it looks as though I'll work every week day, except Weds (when I go into school fro the morning) and still work Saturdays. I can't imagine how I'm going to keep on top of everything else too - I'm already feeling over-whelmed!

Better go or I'll be late - to top off an already way too busy week, we have a work experience girl at work too so everything is taking twice as long as usual (she's a sweet girl though ) See you later x

Ambi · 04/12/2007 10:02

Hallo, now I'm on Mat Leave, hoping to jump into my routines with gusto and seems to be working great so far.

PuppyDogTails · 04/12/2007 10:37

Morning all.

DS is having a sleep fest this morning - woke at 7am, desperate for a 'nap' at 8:30am and he's still asleep . At least it's meant that I've had some peace and quiet to get my CV finished and sent out to a recruitment consultant. I'm feeling a bit glum this morning about the prospect of having to go back to work - I was lying in bed getting dewy eyed looking at DS and thinking that our days together were numbered . Ho hum.

Anyway, on with the FLYing:

Wake up
Get dressed and make up on done
Make bed done
Wipe bathroom
Empty dishwasher done
Check calendar done
Put washing machine on done
Prepare packed lunch done Morning
15 minute task in zone - detailed cleaning of hall
2 minute hotspot - lounge coffee table done
5 minute room rescue - putting DS?s clothes away
Wipe ensuite and toilet
Make other beds done
Decide on food for dinner
Unload washing machine done
Put away clean washing

One admin task - finish CV done
Daily task - wash bedclothes
Kelly?s mission - decluttering hall done
Cook dinner
Load dishwasher
Put nappies in washing machine

5 minute tidy up
Shine sink
Wipe kitchen
Put bin bag out
Put dishwasher on
Hang nappies to dry
Lay out clothes for the morning

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 04/12/2007 10:38

Just popping in while dd2 is at pre-school.

My thumb is very sore. Still fat too. Its so difficut to do lots of things. Hadn't realised just how much the pincer grip is used! Even holding a spoon is tricky! And as for dd2's tights....!

Hope everyone has a good day.
Bianca Hope work goes well. Will be hard to juggle that and everything else.
Luda Poor ds having jabs. Hope it goes ok.
THM Good to see you are positive.
Hi Ambi

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 04/12/2007 10:40

Puppy crossed posts. Hello

yaddayule · 04/12/2007 12:08

hey hey hey ( in manner of Krusty the Clown)

Back from shopping trip
Need to drop dd at nursery

Then I WILL sort out the house !


ludaloolovesmincepies · 04/12/2007 12:11


Hi to puppy and Ambi

tort hope it gets better soon!

Well I have been and collected DS, sorted some paperwork and stuff out.
Ordered a set of pans from Ebay.
My only pans are about 20 years old...all the non-stick has peeled off...or still peeling! I HATE them!
They are too small to fit anything in too. I did pasta last night...half of it burned to the bottom of the pan and the other half didn't cook as there was no more room to add more water!
(pasta for 5, crammed into small manky pan = 1 irritated ludaloo + 1 pan flung out the kitchen window into the garden!! )


Back home now for the rest of the afternoon so I shall crack on with Facebook Scrabble Ebay the house

ludaloolovesmincepies · 04/12/2007 12:57

Ok...quite enough time spent on this computer today!!! Had better go and do some proper work.

Off to vac upstairs and tackle the bathroom (have been putting the bathroom off for days!!!)

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 04/12/2007 13:14

I am getting nothing done today!
Have just remember SW is coming friday! I must get tidy before then.

Wii watching again! One quite local that i could pick up by train! Thats if bidding doesn't go stupid!

ludaloolovesmincepies · 04/12/2007 13:45

oooh good luck with the Wii Tort

Well I have now hoovered all upstairs, and cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, so I'm making some progress!

My next mission is to de clutter the living room...its looking a bit cluttered with all the decorations up!

Must have a bit of a dust upstairs and put back all the toys in the right place! (I'm trying to keep the kids bedrooms neat and tidy, so there is plenty of space for toys at xmas.

ludaloolovesmincepies · 04/12/2007 14:36

its ludaloo day again today!

I've tidied the kids rooms back up and sorted their shelves.
Put all DD1's toys back in her room..and all DS's and DD2's back in their room.
Dusted the shelves and their tv and computer.
Found an half eaten apple behind a toy box [eeergh]

Haven't started on the living room yet, going to hoover the stairs first.

DaveTheFreeRangeHamsterHasGone · 04/12/2007 14:37

lol @ Ludaand the struck out word. So true here.

DP has made a new lof hatch, ad we have almost all the ceilings done. He's finally managed to borrow a drill bit that was going to cost £35 to hire as well.
I didn't get to work his morning, so I'm going to do an hour between school runs. I is th last after school club before Christmas today, so no more double runsfor a bit.

I've hoovered everyhere (again) and done the bathroom today. Could be worse I suppose.

OP posts:
JingleyJen · 04/12/2007 14:38

Afternoon all
not been very productive in the house but have unloaded & reloaded washing machine
been and chosen a shower for the new bathroom,
done sainsburys shop,
given meals on wheels lady her coffee,
fed the children,
gone back and given lovely old lady her lunch,
put DS2 for a nap
written DS1's christmas cards to his friends.

Just going to do some ironing,
having one of DS1's friends over to play 3-6pm,
going to walk round village posting local Christmas cards
Make mince pies for advent prayer meeting tomorrow morning.
Make chilli con carne for tonight.

todays mission already done.
TMH good to hear you are feeling a bit more positive this morning
tort hope you manage to get a Wii, have never been into computer games until we got ours - I love it!
Luda hope you manage to get the bedrooms done - and we bought new pans a couple of years ago - what a revelation I loved being able to throw away the rusty ones!
Hi to yadda bianca ambi puppy
condolenses to jas & family

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 04/12/2007 14:47

I just won a wii for £225! Didn't really want to spend that much but its done now and DS's will be soooooooooooo excited and happy xmas day.
Bit scared about it now! Seller has mentioned might be able to deliver which would be easier for me. Now where do i find £225! (Actuall have CB next week but i think i might have to borrow out of DS's bank before then.

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 04/12/2007 14:48

OMG! (again) just noticed the time! I have to pick DD1 up from school(DS's at their dads tonight!)

DaveTheFreeRangeHamsterHasGone · 04/12/2007 15:01

Yay! tortoiseGin

OP posts:
ImmodestRubyRioja · 04/12/2007 16:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 04/12/2007 16:48

Thanks RR i will look into that. See, more money needed!
Just need to work out if i have to get to Bath or if he is willing to deliver! Fingers crossed.Although he will probably want more money for that!

BiancaCastafiore · 04/12/2007 17:10

Yay Tort well done

I have read the rest but am too tired to post messages to you all (sorry )

I know plenty of people manage to work and keep their house and families organised but I'm finding I'm really bad at it! I just can't keep up! I rushed home today and hoovered downstairs and also managed to mop the floors but that's all I've done for days! The tumble drier is just sitting with clothes "stored" in there, the wm is full, there are baskets of dirty/clean washing everywhere, the bathroom and kitchen are grubby, the fridge is empty...I could go on....

Anyway, our local Waitrose have a Christmas food evening tonight so I'm planning to go along once dh gets home and sample lots of (unaffordable) yummy treats

Better go and feed the kids. See you later x

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 04/12/2007 17:21

Bianca It must be really hard work. My TD is like that and i am home most of the wime! It often gets emptied ready for next load!
Enjoy the yummy food tasting.

TheMincePiedMadHouse · 04/12/2007 20:16

evening all

well the boys are in bed - at last. I had to bath both of them on my own tonight as DH got stuck in a major traffic jam.

DS1 has been a little horror today. Helped me make a chicken and leek pie for tea, then threw it on the floor at tea time and refused to eat. He also hit his brother and keep spitting out his drink all over the house. erggggggggggggggg

Anyway I am hoping that they are going to be better tomorrow.

Tort congrats on the wii
Bianca I can not manage and I do not work, so hats off to you
Luda good going on the cleaning
waves to all I have missed

ImdreamingofaGROUCHYxmas · 04/12/2007 20:30


Trying to catch up on the thread but

I've been at work all day, still done my chores/routines. I'm working again tomorrow as well. I'm a bit shattered

Just wanted to pop by and say Hi

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