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************ Friday FLY :0) **************

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ludaloolovesmincepies · 30/11/2007 07:09

Mission Here

OP posts:
ludaloolovesmincepies · 30/11/2007 07:17

Morning All

shannaratiger and I both started a thread, but I had already linked Thursday to sorry for any confusion.

I have my friends DD2 this morning, and then I have to wait in for a delivery, so I'll be able to catch up on the house later. I have already done the mission...but as I'm a hoover addict, it will no doubt get done again....and possibly again!

Well better go and get on, see you all in a bit xx

OP posts:
BiancaCastafiore · 30/11/2007 07:50

Morning Luda

I did this mission yesterday too so that's one less thing to do today!

I'm off for a quick eyebrow wax this morning before going to work (the old nerves are there for the wax but I'm hoping to over-ride them again..)
I'll work till early afternoon then come home to collect ds from his party and dd from school so don't expect to get anything much done FLY wise.

It's non-uniform day at school today, the kids are supposed to be dressing up as characters from a song so dd is going in a tutu and a crown - any guesses who she is?
Ds is "not joining in and never will" so he's in his regular clothes.

Well, better go and get everyone ready. I seem to have a handful of slips I mustn't forget to hand back into the school this morning about various Christmas parties/shows/lunches!

yaddayule · 30/11/2007 08:10

Morning !
Christmas Bazaar day, so i'll be at the school trying to tie various 70's decorations to "Santa's Grotto" in the vainest of attempts to make it look festive.

I am also to my eternal shame going to dress as an Elf.

My children may never forgive me.

House tidy after MIL visit so I may pop back later .. but school run is looming and I have 2 packed lunches to make

Have a good day all

Runs off shrieking he he he

Jas · 30/11/2007 08:11


I haven' looked bu I'm guessing the mission is hoovering. If it is I can feel smug. It s getting done about three times a day due to he dust in here

I'll be out all day, so not much else will get done (again). I need an outfit for the christmas do tomorrow, too.

TheMadHouse · 30/11/2007 08:55

Morning all

Sorry for not popping in yesterday, but the big bag bugs have got me too. I was nausous all day and have been sick all night.

DH is out at clients again today, so I am on my own with a sickly DS2 and a wingey DS1.

No flying, anyway I swept the downstairs yesterday.

FrostyGlassSlipper · 30/11/2007 11:26

Hi Guys, Have hoovered everywhere downstairs except the living room. Will go and do that now before pre-school pick up.

gibberish · 30/11/2007 11:42

Hi everyone.

No FLYing for me today as just can't face it. Going to my mum's to get away for the day and try to sort out my head. Might be a a start to sorting out my life. Sorry to be melodramatic.

Have a good day. x

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 30/11/2007 13:11

hi all.
THM Sorry you have the bug too.
Gibberish Hope you are ok.Hope you can sort out you problem/s (sorry no idea if you have metioned anything or not).
Yadda I hope you willbe showing us a pick of you as an elf
Bianca Have a good day.
Luda Are you having something exciting delivered?

I had my friends DS1 this morning. Him and my DD2 played really well together and had fun. He didn't want to go.
HA inspection done. She wasn't impressed with clutter!! If this house wasn't so bloody small i wouldn't have stuff out everywhere. Now feel like i need to have a bloody good clear out! Which is difficult when i can't get to the dump!!

No sign of WM yet. Suppose to come between 10am and 6pm. I just know they will phone as i leave for school. Then we will miss the xmas fair. Hopefully it will be later though.

BiancaCastafiore · 30/11/2007 13:25

Phew, just home from work - didn't get as much done as I'd hoped cos the blardy staff didn't do thier share yesterday tehy're all starting to wind me up a bit (understatement!)

Gibberish hope you're ok? x x
Tort Hello! at the HA inspection - did you ask for a larger house? Hope you don't miss the school fair
FGS hope you're having a good day
Yadda Hope the grotto goes well, lol at you being an elf
TMH feel better soon x
Jas sending hurry-up-vibes fo rthe building work

I have about 30mins before i have to collect ds so need to whizz round and make the beds and all the other jobs I didn't get done before I left for work. Back later x

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 30/11/2007 13:27

Bianca at staff! Doesn't make life any easier for you if they dont pull their weight!
I did ask for bigger property but all she could recomment was transfer list. Not a huge amount of hope for me in that. Points wise they class this as big enough for us all.

BiancaCastafiore · 30/11/2007 13:29

that's a shame. All there is for it is to have an almighty FL clear out then! Good luck!

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 30/11/2007 13:32

Lol! I guess so! I will start tomorrow...................


BiancaCastafiore · 30/11/2007 13:33
ludaloolovesmincepies · 30/11/2007 14:24

Hello...oooh lots of angry faces!! I will read through in a mo...
Just popping on man still not been...gah....and I have to walk and get DD1 soon.
Am in the middle of writing cards, and sorting out pressies that need to be posted.
My arm is aching...banged my elbow on the door!

OP posts:
ludaloolovesmincepies · 30/11/2007 14:55

bianca...nope couldn't guess! a crown and a tutu ....

yadda hope the christmas bizarre went well... @ you dressed as an elf!... any photo's???

jas where's your xmas do? did you get an outfit?
I've got one a week today (toddler group mums meal out)

Hi to FGS

for you at work bianca must be really need to crack your whip! and show them some FLY techniques!

tort for you annoying!
You'll just have to have a good old sort out and make a bit more space....I'd come and help if I lived nearby.
Good luck with that though..

Well better go and get DD1...its raining too....
See you all xx

OP posts:
ludaloolovesmincepies · 30/11/2007 14:57

Oh...tort....just pressies for the kids...half price sale on Toysrus we ordered a few things from there.

OP posts:
ludaloolovesmincepies · 30/11/2007 14:58

gibberish Hope you managed to sort your head...and had a good day at your mums.

OP posts:
ludaloolovesmincepies · 30/11/2007 14:59

Duh... missed madhouse too! Hope you are feeling a bit better now...I don't blame you for giving the FLYing a rest. We have bugs flying around here too...typical...just in time for xmas!

OP posts:
ImdreamingofaGROUCHYxmas · 30/11/2007 16:09

Afternoon ALL

I've had a good day today. The coffee morning has (finally) sorted out what they want to do then I took Ed to George for some new school shoes (the ones he is wearing have holes in the soles )He didn't want to go so I had to bribe him with the offer of a Happy MealShouldn't feel too bad about that as it was only his 2nd in 4.5 years

Front room is a huge heap. Ed has rediscovered his Pixar Cars thing and there are assorted Ramones, lightning McQueens and bits of radiator springs all over.

Better make some calls for the coffee group...byeeeeeeeeeeee x

gibberish · 30/11/2007 16:15

Am back. Thanks for the nice messages

Am ok. Just having a difficult time atm without going into detail as a certain person reads this.

Anyway, slaughtered mum at scrabble so that made me feel a bit better lol.

Off to make dinner.

BiancaCastafiore · 30/11/2007 16:42

Gibberish Glad you're OK lol at cheering up after beating your mum at scrabble! I'm terrible at scrabble

Grouchy you sound as though you've had a good day

Luda dd was The Dancing Queen - I did the ABBA logo on her top too She's come home very pleased cos all the Year 6 children liked her outfit (there's nothing like getting the approval of the older kids)

Well, we called into the library on the way home from school and rented some dvds (3 for 2 this week) The kids have Barney and some Christmassy film and I got dh and I Notes on a Scandal - anyone seen it? Any good?

Nothing else to report - all a bit tired and end-of-the-weekish. Weather is awful now too so I'm hoping for a lazy cosy eve.

BiancaCastafiore · 30/11/2007 17:00

Jas, just re-read the thread and realised the meet up you're going to tomorrow is the meet up! Wow, have a great time Did you find something to wear?

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 30/11/2007 18:12

Well, the WM has arrived. But as predicted we missed most of the xmas fair.They phoned(left a message, i didn't hear it ring!) at 3.45 saying would be 20-30 mins. I phoned back at 20 past 4! they were going to be another 10 mins. We dashed home as fast as possible with DD1 on my shoulders and DD2 in the buggy.

We still beat them! They couldn't find my house.
DC were disappointed at missing the fun but we did do a few stalls. Wonder if we won anything on the grand prize draw?

Jas · 30/11/2007 21:08

Evening. Yes my night out is the London mn meet up tomorrow. I'm going back to my roots with all black unless my friend has somehing better I can borrow. I'm going to her house fist to try on her cast offs!

Tort glad the w/m arrived.

Gibberish I hope you feel beter soon, whatever is wrong. Are you on facebook? If you are you can beat me a scrabble there, too

TMH I hope you are over the worst of it now, and ahave a quiet weekend.

LOL @ yadda the elf.

We did the Christmas parade in the pouring rain this evening, but dd2 enjoyed it I need to tumble dry our coats so we can o out again tomorrow morning.

ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 30/11/2007 21:42

jas Can i play you on scrabble on facebook?
Bianca won't play cos i beat her!

Having a small problem with a dripping radiator tonight! Found a large puddle along the kitchen floor!

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