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how many towels and duvets sets do you have?

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Misdee · 26/11/2007 13:08

am in massive clearout mode. am trying to decide what to keep and what can go. we seem to have loads of towels, yet i know they dont all get used.

same for duvet sets. how many do we actually need? 2 sets for each bed? or 3?

OP posts:
Anna8888 · 26/11/2007 13:14

One set of duvet covers for each bed plus two extra sets for my stepsons bedroom which gets used a visitors room (and visitors have slightly more delicate taste in duvet covers than the boys ).

One bath sheet and three face flannels per person.

One handtowel in each loo, bathroom and in the kitchen.

I love having few sheets and towels and updating them every couple of years. I hate old and out of date house linens.

Slouchy · 26/11/2007 13:15

2 sets per bed here. Actually, the girls only really have one set, which is washed and replaced on the bed weekly. if they puke up they seem to end up in our bed anyway so not really an issue.
Towels - we have loads (4 of us)

2 bath towels each - 1 and 1 spare
1 swimmming towel each
6 or so hand towels for kitchen/loo

  • a few spare bath towels for guests etc.

    Very useful when your kids leave the plug in the sink and you are on frantic mopping up alert!
RustyBear · 26/11/2007 13:27

Towels - I in bathroom, one in cloakroom, one in airing cupboard - the rest will be in DD's bedroom...

Tutter · 26/11/2007 13:28

i dread to think

but my towel rule is: if isn't still fluffy and white, bin it

LadyOfWaffle · 26/11/2007 13:29

Duvet sets... 2 at the moment because we got a new bigger bed.
Towels - Millions, need to sort them all out, they are very random and would rather a set amount of each size in the same colour, or at least not every colour known to man!

ComeOVeneer · 26/11/2007 13:35

3 sets for our bed, 2 sets each for children, 2 sets for the guest beds (double sofa bed in the playroom and dd's bed converts into 2 singles or a double). 3 unopened single sets that my aunt has given as presents over the years. (basically back ups for the "z" bed and 2 single inflatable matresses.

Towels - dh and I have 2 sets each of hand/bath towel, bath sheet and flannel, ds and dd have bath hand and flannel x2. Then 6 further sets for guests and a couple of hand towels for the cloak room.

I am rather anal about towels etc matching and co-ordinating with the bathrooms We have a very large airing cupboard

MrsBadger · 26/11/2007 13:39

two regular sets of towels (one out, one not)
lots of spare towels for guests / swimming / camping / mopping / muddy bikes - what were once 'best' towels get demoted down the heirarchy.

two regular sets of linen and some spare linen for guests (heirarchy ditto).
We have lots of different sizes of bed (king, double, 3', 2'6") so even with only one or two sets per bed we have quite a lot.

hoarsewhisperer · 26/11/2007 15:05

hmm - I think I clearly have too much bedlinen, but it is a personal weakness.

For our bed we have 2 sets for summer use (pale colour and lighterweight cotton) and 2 sets for winter use (brushed cotton and in darker colours). Sheets only in white. SPare room has 2 sets. DS1 has 3 sets and ds2 is still in a cot and a growbag.

I only buy white towels and have 4 massive bathsheets and about 8 - 10 large bath towels. Various hand towels to match. ALways get white as it doesn't fade and can be bleached if it gets a bit grey. When they are thing and done they get converted into cleaning rags and floorcloths.

Don't even get me started on table linen...i can't help myself at markets if I find old linen tablecloths and napkins.....

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