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aaahhhh i have dyed washing pink-

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sarahmikeandharry · 23/11/2007 18:10

well the title says it all how do i remove it without going to tesco to buy a chemical ointment like colour run?!!!! we have no spare pennies!!!!!

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chocolatespiders · 23/11/2007 19:20

what colour was the washing

i think you have to buy the colour run,

if was white washing... bleach?

sarahmikeandharry · 23/11/2007 20:33

white now pink- went to tesco!!!!! thanks

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grannyslippers · 23/11/2007 21:28

I have done this, some of it never recovered why is it always pink?

JenT · 23/11/2007 21:30

We did this so often when I first moved in with Dh that I always have a packet of the stuff in the cupboard.. touch wood haven't needed to use it recently!

sarahmikeandharry · 24/11/2007 09:08

nope some still pick oh well!!! never mind its an excuse to shop!!!

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