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calling all breadmaker users

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preggersagain · 17/11/2007 13:33

Right- i am going to buy a cheapy breadmaker from argos and see how much it gets used- if we like it i shall donate said cheapy to mil and buy the panasonic

Does anyone have the cookworks one? Does it do dough as well as cooked bread, or should i venture up to the morphy richards one to get that.

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NAB3littlemonkeys · 17/11/2007 13:39

We do. We have got it as a replacement for the MR one. It works fine.

preggersagain · 17/11/2007 13:41

does it do dough?

OP posts:
NAB3littlemonkeys · 17/11/2007 13:42


NAB3littlemonkeys · 17/11/2007 13:43

And pastry, it has 12 settings.

preggersagain · 17/11/2007 13:45

but its out of stock white and stainless steel!! TYPICAL!!

OP posts:
NAB3littlemonkeys · 17/11/2007 13:46

Try other branches. Where are you?

preggersagain · 17/11/2007 13:48

middle of bloody nowhere! nearset branch is about 1.5 hours drive- bugger that i'll get the morphy richards i think- £45. Or i'm wondering whether to just get the panasonic one.

OP posts:
sophiewd · 17/11/2007 14:23

Just get the panasonic one. its fab, love it to pieces.

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