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Washing a cotton rug - tips please!

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Miaou · 16/11/2007 13:44

My friend (a single dad) gave me a rug which had belonged to his son as a child. It's one of those traidcraft type rugs - you know, woven cotton with a printed design of animals on - really lovely. Thing is, it's minging ! I've put it in the bath in some hot water and washing powder but am wondering how to scrub the stains out (hate to think what they are ) as I'm worried about the ink running. No washing instructions on it! Any thoughts?

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Miaou · 16/11/2007 15:10

buump - rug still in bath looking manky

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laura032004 · 16/11/2007 17:15

I wash all my cotton rugs in the washing machine, but they haven't got print on them. If it's do or die (i.e. it's so manky that if it's not sorted you can't use it) then just wash it and hope for the best!

Maidamess · 16/11/2007 17:18

Just swish it around a bit, or give it a gentle rub with a sponge.At the very least you will have freshened it up.

Miaou · 16/11/2007 17:46

laura, it was definitely a "do or die" situation Maidamess, swishing definitely wouldn't have cut the mustard - it was boggin' !

I put it in the washing machine in the end, on a 40 degree wash, and crossed my fingers. It came out ok! It's not pristine but any higher temp and it would have shrunk I think. The colours have faded a bit but not run, which is fine - success!

Said friend came round a little earlier and saw it hanging over the clothes drier to dry and was most chuffed to see how well it had come up

OP posts:
laura032004 · 16/11/2007 18:35


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