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Can someone just tell me what iron to buy please?

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tinseloatcake · 12/05/2021 22:45

My iron tripped out earlier today. I am pleased because I hated that cold pointless bastard.

However, I can't work out which are the nice hot guys on the internet. They all basically seem the same.

Any recommendations?

OP posts:
Justmuddlingalong · 12/05/2021 22:48

Russell Hobbs 20630. Honestly the best iron I've ever used. And I've been through many.

IWantAllTheDogsInTheWorld · 12/05/2021 22:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EastWestWhosBest · 12/05/2021 22:58

I’ve got a steam generator iron.
It’s not cheap, I was given mine, but it has lasted 10 times the length of any other iron I’ve had. I think mine is ten year old now.
It’s so easy to use and works a treat.
They are expensive but if mine broke I’d buy another in a heartbeat.
Something like this:

tinseloatcake · 13/05/2021 08:55

Alright thanks I'll have a look

OP posts:
Thighdentitycrisis · 13/05/2021 09:30

I just bought John Lewis basic steam one
It’s an iron it gets hot - what more do I need?

tinseloatcake · 14/05/2021 19:04

Just went for it with Russell Hobbs. This guy needs to be the iron to flatten his competitors...

OP posts:
sueelleker · 02/07/2021 16:26

I'd recommend one with a ceramic soleplate.

Sunny4876 · 02/07/2021 16:27

I have the jml gold,the amount of steam you get is unbelievable.

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