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Tumble dryer in same cupboard as boiler OK?

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Yippee · 11/11/2007 20:49

Has anyone got their tumble dryer (condenser) upstairs, tucked under boiler in same cupboard? Am thinking about getting one before have baby since think may make life lot easier but having few worries about whether this set-up will be dangerous (though is only place will fit). Anyone got same scenario and hasn't given British Gas man hernia?

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MrsCellophane · 12/11/2007 10:49

Excuse the lack of proper terminology, but is it a combi-boiler? Does it have an emergency valve thingy which shoots out water if there is a problem? If so... where does this go? Obv it wouldn't be wise to have it splurting over your tumble drier.

Apparantly, it's supposed to go outside. Ours doesn't it shoots straight onto garage floor, which B Gas bring up, every time they come.

Sorry, I'm pretending I know all about these things. I don't. I only just know how to put the heating back on

Yippee · 13/11/2007 19:31

Thank you. Is a combi boiler and think you're right about water spurt though in our case this only occurs after B Gas engineer been for service and cocked it up. Think maybe should check with them direct.

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