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Ever tried Ecoball - laundry balls? are they really any good?

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PuppyDogEyes · 08/11/2007 17:50

is this product any good? or is it just marketed well? does it actually get stains out?(i.e. like food stains)


OP posts:
3Ddonut · 08/11/2007 17:52

Yeah, it worked OK, but we went back to the normal stuff to get the nice smell!!!

traceukw1 · 08/11/2007 17:55

Wouldn't waste my money if i were you but each to there own. I would read this before you decide,

stripeymama · 08/11/2007 17:56

IME they give the appearance of working, but I found (by accident!) that washing clothes in just water works pretty much as well! I use Ecover powder now, which smells nice (gentle lavendery) and works fine.

ivykaty44 · 08/11/2007 17:59

I sent my washing to my dad whilst waiting for my new washing machine. I comented how nice the washing smelt and it was then he told me it was an eco ball. Everything came back clean and was as good as washing powder.

Having just read the link above I wonder does it mean that washing powder is also a placibo? Just a very good one that no one ever questions???

curlydolly · 10/11/2007 08:37

This thread has probably died but I have been using an eco ball after getting it free from Lakeland. I tested it on a pair of jeans covered in paint and spag bol stains from nursery. The paint came out but there was a greasy stain which still smelt of onions - nice! I couldn't help thinking that I would have got the same results from just using water and the ukwhitegoods article is very interesting. don't think I will be using it again as I have recently bought an expensive Miele machine...

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