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Best Supermarket for Online Shopping?

14 replies

HeadHeartorHormones · 07/11/2007 12:44

Any recommendations please? Ease of use, reliability and lack of daft substitutions are the priorities. I think we have access to all the big players minus Morrisons (no loss imo) but including Ocado.

Attempts in the past have met with mixed success. Smug feeling when the day's paper and fresh croissants arrive - less so when I realise I've bought 'instant tea' (wtf!) and a box of cornflakes measuring 2ft sq.

Thank you armchair shoppers.

OP posts:
glaskham · 07/11/2007 13:15

i have had countless problems when online shopping with asda, but never really had any problems with tesco....but asda's website is easier to navagate round and order the right things than tesco.....but i know tesco inside out now so know what i'm doing everytime now!!

ImportantCod · 07/11/2007 13:16

tesco great imo
spec if oyu haev a clubcard

Evenhope · 07/11/2007 13:18

Ocado, definitely. Never late. Hands you the bags. Everything colour coded. Rarely substitutions and then logical ones.

Orchide · 07/11/2007 13:19

I'l second Tesco, been using it for a couple of years and genreally v. good. On the odd opccasion there has been somethign wrong, missed or broken one quick call and they always refund without question.
Do have a clubcard and always search for points and codes before a big shop.

CountessDracula · 07/11/2007 13:20

ocado defo

ledodgyfireworksingedmyeyebrow · 07/11/2007 13:22

I think Ocado is the best. Tesco website is always really slow for me and there are always substitutions, the same for Asda only Asdas substitutions make no sense at all. I have never had any substitutions with Ocado , the delivery driver always offers to bring the shopping in for me and you often get freebies.

TellusMater · 07/11/2007 13:22

I usually use Tesco (clubcard vouchers). But Ocado sent me a 15 off code so am expecting my first delivery from them tomorrow.

Am worried about ponce-factor though...

kittylouise · 07/11/2007 13:26

Always used to use Tesco, till I moved and they completely screwed up my orders most of the time, and didn;t even show up once. Have used Waitrose Deliver a couple of times, is a lot better than Tesco, no substitutions, really nice delivery man and better food. But a lot more expensive (but nicer in a ooh get me sort of way)

HeadHeartorHormones · 07/11/2007 13:31

Owww -singed eyebrow! Hope you're okay.

Thanks all. Think I'll start with Ocado. Bring on the ponce-factor and if it costs 20% more I'll just have to eat 20% less. I don't think Waitrose sell instant tea - so less room for error too.

OP posts:
ledodgyfireworksingedmyeyebrow · 07/11/2007 15:02

LOl Headheart my eyebrow is fine this was just my bonfire night name that I haven't been arsed to change back.

VanillaPumpkin · 07/11/2007 15:07

Use this site and choose Tesco I would say. Please try it. It is great and show pictures and is easy to navigate and compares all the shops and then forwards your trolly to the one you choose. Much better than Tescos own site and you can import your faves from the Tesco site etc etc.

HeadHeartorHormones · 07/11/2007 17:10

pml - Glad to hear that - I thought you'd nearly lost an eye! (and a woman with responsibilities too -repeat everyone "never play with fireworks").

OP posts:
VanillaPumpkin · 07/11/2007 17:48

And you can choose Ocado on it too....

HeadHeartorHormones · 07/11/2007 18:24

Thanks VanillaPumpkin. Haven't heard of that site before - shall have a little play.

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