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Anyone got a Candy or Indesit washing machine? Would you recomend?

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debinaustria · 06/11/2007 13:23

We moved here 2 years ago and inherited a very old but very good Miele washer, but it's finally died. I need a 6kg or 7kg washer, with good spin. Seen both a Candy and Indesit this morning, can't afford to replace with a Miele unfortunately.


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NAB3littlemonkeys · 06/11/2007 13:39


clarevoiant · 06/11/2007 13:48

they can be a bit hit and miss IMO, we had a candy for years and years, it was a great workhorse, but very basic, went it went, it went big style, with the drum completely detaching itself from the rest of the machine

NAB3littlemonkeys · 06/11/2007 13:49

I will never buy another Indesit.

Will save up for one that can cope with more than one wash a year.

traceukw1 · 06/11/2007 17:18

Have a look here

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