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Land of Spare Oom - if you have one what do you do in yours?

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JustOneWaferThin · 29/10/2007 23:39

Ours is currently a junk/laundry room but we are about to completely empty it out, paint it and then.......what?
We have 2ds (one fast approaching teens, other is 5yrs) who share a bedroom and 1dd with her own tiny room. We want to make the best use of precious extra space for our growing-up family. Older dc seem to be staying up later so do chill out spaces work? I do like an hour or two without dc company in the evening.
Increasing homework is difficult with noisy young ones plus their friends but would they concentrate if I'm not there to prompt?
DP & I are keen to exercise more and are often home in evening alone if other one is out.
What works for you? Any great ideas or successful experiences of utilising extra space most welcome.

OP posts:
OMGhelp · 29/10/2007 23:46

Give the kids a room each. The teen will very soon resent the presense of the 5yr old, especially regards his 'things' and not wanting his 'baby' brother around when his friends come to visit. If they had been closer in age it may have been feasible to keep them in a room together, but a 5+ age gap is too much.
In not too many years you will regain DS1's bedroom when he moves out, just in time for DD1 to need a bigger room for all her clothes, makeup and hairdrying appliances.
You could build a gym in the garage.

OMGhelp · 29/10/2007 23:48

As to a chill out space, the triple beds (single on top with a double sofa/futon bed) work wonders in a teenagers room. Or a study bunk and a sofa bed or beanbags in his room.

gibberish · 29/10/2007 23:50

Have too many children to have a spare oom. Very

JustOneWaferThin · 29/10/2007 23:51

That's true - there's already a bit of shutting out going on between the boys.

OP posts:
JustOneWaferThin · 29/10/2007 23:54

gibberish - would have loved to squash in one more dc if I hadn't been so old (& knackered) which would have solved problem

OP posts:
gibberish · 29/10/2007 23:55

Well, take two of mine then I could have a spare oom then both of us can be happy

Califright · 30/10/2007 00:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

seeker · 30/10/2007 06:02

I loved my spare oom - it was so nice to have somewhere that was always tidy and I loved getting it ready for visitors - all that water carafe, tasteful flowers, choosing appropriate bedside reading, matching towels to sheets thing. Then along came ds. I suppose I love him more than my Martha Stewart fantasy!

Room each is the way to go, I'm afraid!

CindersNeedsHelp · 30/10/2007 08:34

I don?t have older children yet but I think everyone needs their own space, if it?s available. And he?s a boy. He?ll need privacy IYKWIM, and the only other option is he?ll lock himself in the bathroom for hours on end ? [grimace emoticon]!!!

CindersNeedsHelp · 30/10/2007 08:37

Plus, re homework ? give him the option of doing it or not, just let him face the consequences if he doesn?t. It?s part of growing up. Again I speak with absolutely no experience on this, except as a teacher. Not as a parent! My DS is only 18 months old!

JustOneWaferThinPumpkin · 30/10/2007 11:25

You're right about the homework Cinders - I have a vision of him flunking Uni as I'm not there to prompt him & sharpen his pencils. And the time alone thing - hadn't thought about that - neither bathroom has a lock so there is nowhere at all currently for those private moments.
Young ds will be absolutely gutted if/when big bro moves into own room but it seems like that's the way to go.
Any gym equipment would probably only become an extension of my already elaborate clothes airing system.
Interested to know how older siblings sharing rooms have got on tho' - any experienced sharers out there?

JustOneWaferThinPumpkin · 30/10/2007 23:43

Any takers?

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