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people who want a scooba robot...............................

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preggersagain · 29/10/2007 11:37

check out ebay us tegoryZ124101QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

makes it £145.16, even if you get stunc for 30% by the customs and excise bods it will still be under £190. If you pay by paypal you have the security if it gets damaged on its way etc!!

i know a lot of you guys are lusting after these- i'm going to order one for mil for chrimbo- i paid nearly £400 for my one so this is a bargain!!

OP posts:
FatBellyJones · 29/10/2007 11:43

will it work with UK voltage tho?

I have dreams about my wonderful with one of those if I had one

FatBellyJones · 29/10/2007 11:44

oops, I meant wonderful life

preggersagain · 29/10/2007 11:52

voltage converter thingy- we have loads of them- our roombas and our scooba use them and we've never had a problem- you can get them easily online for under a tenner.

OP posts:
FatBellyJones · 21/11/2007 20:51

w00t!! found one on ebay.. works out at £90 with the current exchange rate, just waiting for the seller to sort out a shipping rate

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