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Help, I think our new house has fleas!

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wohmum · 28/10/2007 23:36

We've just moved into a new house and both DS2 and myself have been itching like mad, with small raised lumps that look like insect bites. The previous owners had cat so I assume there are fleas in the carpets and stuff? How do i get rid of them before we are red raw?
thanks in advance ! yours scratchingly....

OP posts:
sparklygothkat · 28/10/2007 23:38

go to the vets anf ask for flea treatment for the home, it costs about 20 pounds but works.

Tortington · 29/10/2007 00:06

pet shops like "pets at home" sell flea treatments something called "flea bombs" are good - i re-washed everything - and found on the internet that washing with "mentols2 the cough sweets - dont know if this is bullshit - but i did it anyway.

FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead · 29/10/2007 11:41

acclaim flea spray is the dogs bolleax

sKerryMum · 29/10/2007 11:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotAlert · 29/10/2007 11:46

This happened to us when we moved last year - commiserations, it's horrid isn't it!
We tried a spray thing from a pet shop but it didn't work. In the end we had to get the council pest control people round cost us £65 but tbh honest it was worth it for peace of mind and no more bites!

Good luck.
You will look back on this and glug wine.....

wohmum · 30/10/2007 14:45

thanks everyone, I 'acclaimed' our front room last night - hopefully this'll clear it- doing the rest of the house tonight. one question tho' - how long do they live for ? we've been ther 2 weeks now and the previous owners moved out about 2 weeks before that - shouldn't they all be dead by now?

OP posts:
FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead · 30/10/2007 15:28

wohmum - you will probably still see some fleas for about 2 weeks as the dormant eggs hatch. As soon as the acclaim hits them they will die so dont worry.

FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead · 30/10/2007 15:35

and keep hoovering. every other day if possible.

Boovs · 30/10/2007 16:03

Don't even bother buying the stuff and attempting to get rid of them yourself. My friend had this problem and spent over £40 on various treatments - none of which seemed to do the trick. She eventually called out a specialist which cost about £70 - they even said they would come back free of charge and redo everything if it hadn't worked the first time.

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