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does dry cleaning a duck feather and down duvet damage it if done too much?

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Tigi · 22/10/2007 12:23

I put mine in at the cleaners, and they gave it back to someone else! they said sorry, and offered to clean it again, which they did. They gave me a refund. I'm not happy about having this duvet now, because it feels like its not mine anymore - I don't know if the other person used it, but I feel like I don't want to use it now anyway. Anyway, the duvet has a label on it saying can't clean more than twice, as can damage it? Is this true, and what damage does it mean?
So now, I have a duvet that i feel cross about, I had to be without it a further three weeks, it may have deteriorated in quality, and I had to make two special journeys to take the wrong one back, and collect mine! All I got is a refund!

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ManxMum · 22/10/2007 12:35

I don't dry clean mine at all! I thought ther chemicals could remain in the feasthers and possibly cause problems to you. Did they advise dry cleaning? I always launder mine asnd the kids duvets (theirs at home, mine at launderette) and I've had them over five years, with no problems.

I'd try the CAB and see what they saqy about it. Do you believe the cleaners about the 'other customer'?

Tigi · 22/10/2007 12:40

I've never had a 'good' quilt before, so just bought one, used it, and thrown away when got grubby - as they are so cheap! So never cleaned one before. This was an offer in sainsburys - £5 off.
It turned out they had switched mine, and a mans duvet, she said 'he thought it had shrunk, says he hadn't used it though! But how do i know that - it he had put it in the cover, thats why he would have thought it had shrunk! dh says to me not to be soft, as you sleep in a shared duvet in hotels, but thats different because you know about it! This was MINE! I asked if they would give me money towards a new one, they said no, they had offered to clean it again, that was enough!

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