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So who has used a oven cleaning service?

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littleducks · 20/10/2007 22:07

I saw the vans and would like to get mine done, one company online even says it would defrost and clean my fridge freezer too. I think i have the perfect excuse as am pg so dont want to be using any nasty chemicals.

So who did you use, would you recommend them anfd how much did it cost.

OP posts:
NannyL · 20/10/2007 22:53

Both my bosses have used these services.

I dont who they used sorry but were very impressed with the results... in all cases really quite gross ovens have look brand new again! Its amazing how quickly they do it as well!

My 1st boss hates cleaning oven so has it done once a year!

Lubyloo · 20/10/2007 22:59

I used these. I think it cost about £75 to get the oven, hob and burners done. The oven was in a dreadful state but looked brand new when it was finished.

themoon66 · 20/10/2007 23:00

My MiL had her oven cleaned by a company. I PMSL coz she never even uses her bloody oven!

perpetualworrier · 21/10/2007 18:30

I use one approx once a year - but I always get DH to take the day off to wait in for them and make myself scarce, because I'm so embarrased about the state I've let it get in since last time.

Very sad, but I let DH treat this indulgence as my birthday pressie.

We use cookerburra.

MrsLynetteScavo · 21/10/2007 18:32

I've used Oven Wizard (I think). Best £40 I've ever spent.

shoptilidrop · 21/10/2007 18:41

i had mine done, live in a rented house, oven was skanky.

Said oven is now shiny and looks like new

its well worth it

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