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Any ideas how to remove curry stains from beloved oilcloth?

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anxiousmum2b · 20/10/2007 00:35

My brother has managed to leave yellow stains from his take away all over my discontinued Cath Kidston oilcloth table cloth - any suggestions? I'm trying not to be really bothered but am failing!I completely understand that I should get out more and not be bothered by this!

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 20/10/2007 00:38

When you say oilcloth, is it a plastic coated tablecloth?

Have you tried neat bleach? (It works on worktops!)

anxiousmum2b · 20/10/2007 00:44

I suppose it's plastic coated - it's described as oil cloth and I have no idea what the difference is!

OP posts:
JennaJ · 20/10/2007 08:39

dettox mold and mildew remover got curry off mine...test it in an inconspicuous area first as it may affect the colour on a darker colour background.


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