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Help - bicycle oil on new carpet.

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3littlebats · 15/10/2007 21:08

Does anyone know how to get it off without damaging the carpet even more? (18 yearold boy free to good home - well - any home actually....)

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 15/10/2007 21:17

try talcum powder to extract the oil.

blazingsandals · 15/10/2007 21:20

Okay use salt/talc to soak up excess oil - do NOT blot it though, you'll spread the stain. You need to get a stain remover for oil - there are lots on the market. At a pinch you could try Vanish Oxy action - worked on pram oil anyway on my cream carpet.

You can keep the 18 year old though thanks, have enough trouble with a one year old at the mo.

3littlebats · 15/10/2007 22:42

Thanks - have put some talc on it, and will investigate stain removers etc tomorrow. Honestly - I wonder what happens to their brains at this age - he was a very bright little boy once.

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 15/10/2007 23:39

Lots of studies out on actual chemical imbalances that happen during puberty and teenage years. Probably better to assume that it's going to happen and plan for it....lots of rules like no bicycles in the house (and don't expect them to check for oily bits before deciding which bike is ok to bring in). No shoes in the house (and don't expect them to check for mud before walking in). I have started many of these rules with my lo's so that they will be well trained before they are teenagers and their brains go soft and dull.

3littlebats · 16/10/2007 18:34

Hahahaha....sorry - I have all these rules too. If you are an 18 yearold boy rules are made to be broken - as soon as the parental back is turned. It wasn't actually a bicycle though, it was something else he was trying to fix, with the container of oily stuff, which happened to be in his bedroom.

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 16/10/2007 19:04

I know, you are absolutely right. I'm sure I'll get it when my ds is that age. I remember my parents finding a pound of gunpowder in my brother's bedroom when he was a teenager. This was long before the internet existed, but nevertheless he managed to get the ingredients together to make it. Didn't have any intentions of using it, luckily, but still a little dangerous. And then there was the crop of marijuana plants...he didn't smoke the stuff...just wanted to see if he could grow it (it was berkeley in the 70's!).

3littlebats · 18/10/2007 15:59

Ds has got the oil out with hot water and vanish soap. He was suitably contrite, did a google search on oil stains and has cleaned it up while I was at work. I have decided I will keep him after all

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 18/10/2007 18:03

oh that's so cute. At least as a teenager he can do a google search on something.

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