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OK, somebody MAKE me pick a room and stick with it until it is done

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nutcracker · 15/10/2007 14:40

I mean decorating realy not cleaning, although the latter wouldn't go a miss.

I keep starting stuff and then not finnishing it.

In urgent need or decorating (meaning paper hanging off etc etc) are...

My room - never been done, has old bits of wallpaper hanging off and no carpet. I do however already have the linning paper and paint needed.

Hall,stairs and landing - Seems like a HUGE job to me which puts me off.

Living room - Started and never finnished by xp, quite a big room so again seems daunting.

Kitchen - Not too bad, just needs painting and a few tiles behind cooker. Already have paint and blind.

So, pick a room and make me do it until it is finnished please.

OP posts:
nutcracker · 15/10/2007 14:41

Am off on school run now, so will read result on my return.

OP posts:
donnie · 15/10/2007 14:42

why not do the kitchen first if it seems manageable? then you will feel inspired to take on bigger challenges.

That's what i'd do.

CovenOVeneer · 15/10/2007 14:42

Kitchen. It sounds as though it needs the least doing so will be finished the quickest. I find once I have the ball rolling and see the end result it spurs me on to do the rest. TBH I would get someone in to do stairs. Ours need refreshing but it is tricky and dangerous imo (and we have 4 floors so a huge job)

CovenOVeneer · 15/10/2007 14:43

Snap Donnie

donnie · 15/10/2007 14:43

the kitchen it is then !

nutcracker · 15/10/2007 16:10

Ok, kitchen it is, will get some paper to sand down the skirting this week, and then make a start.

Would love to get someone in to do the stairs but unfortunatly there is no way I can afford to.

Need to meet a painter/decorater/builder/general handyman type bloke really

OP posts:
donnie · 16/10/2007 13:48

well......HAVE YOU STARTED IT YET????????

get a move on!

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