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Please help me find some fabric which I can buy on-line - where do you start??

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pussycatmomma · 13/10/2007 20:48

I would like to make some curtains for my spare room soon to be new-babys room.
I would like to buy some lemon gingham type fabric or a lemon ticking stripe fabric which is good quality and not too thin. I recently found some on a site called discount materials, got the sample, but by the time i ummed and ahhed about it, hey presto, no longer available. It was perfect!! A linen/heavy cotton type. Where are good sites to buy fabric on-line??? Ive been aaaages on google and it is driving me insane.
I am nearly 6mths pregnant and not very patient. Someone please help!!!
Thank you
pusscat xxxxx

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pussycatmomma · 13/10/2007 20:57

anyone??? ok so i am a freak for asking this, but some of you must make your own curtains??

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pussycatmomma · 14/10/2007 15:10

bumpity bump bump

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