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Anyone good at Feng Shui? W.C. directly over DC's beds!

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TheWorstMotherInTheWorld · 07/10/2007 22:04

What should I do about this? Loo on floor above is over area where kids' bunkbeds will be in house we are currently renovating. Downpipe from loo runs down inside wall next to bed. From the point of view of Feng Shui what can I do to remedy this? Thanks!

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MeMySonAndI · 07/10/2007 22:11

Put the bathroom in a little hut in the less prominent space in the garden? after all, even bathrooms inside houses are bad news from the POV of Feng Shui...

On a more serious note... move the beds to the other wall?

TheWorstMotherInTheWorld · 07/10/2007 22:20

Thanks memy, beds have to go there as room is very small and built in wardrobe takes up opposite wall. Other wall has door and small built in cupboard and last wall is possible but baby's cot would still have to go directly under WC till she can share bunk bed....Anyone else? Am hoping i just have to hang a piece of red thread from the ceiling or something!

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