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Save my DH's sanity! - Any tips on cutting glass mosaic tiles?

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peggotty · 07/10/2007 21:48

He is tiling our tiny toilet with glass mosaics and just spent entire day trying to work out how to cut the teeny-tiny buggers. Can anyone help? We bought a supposed 'glass mosaic tile cutter' hand tool which has so far just shattered a few or cut them wonkily. I know it's probably a long shot but can ANYONE help. Massive thanks in advance!!

OP posts:
peggotty · 08/10/2007 10:44

Bump. Anyone?!

I think we've made a mistake choosing glass mosaics!!

OP posts:
Thisisascareyplaice · 08/10/2007 10:59

hmm, a match either end, scrape, scrape scrape and then push downat least that is what my dh did with normal tiles. (hmm)

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween · 08/10/2007 11:06

I thought you kind of "nibbled" out the bit you don't want. Not with your teeth though, obviously.

Fizzylemonade · 08/10/2007 14:38

We always used an electric tile cutter and sadly we too bought glass tiles -not mosaics though as we were warned they were a nightmare.

The best cutter we used was a plasplugs one for £30 from B&Q. They do sell a glass tile cutting disc but we found the disc that came with the plasplugs was fine.

Glass tiles look great but are an absolute nightmare to cut -even the large ones, I thought DH was going to have a breakdown over them

Good luck

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