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Can you clean computer keyboards?

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laura032004 · 06/10/2007 22:27

My space bar doesn't seem to work very well - probably due the the proximity of whatever I'm eating at the keyboard . Is there any way of cleaning it all out?

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BrownSuga · 06/10/2007 22:29

in old keyboards you used to be able to lever the key off the board. then clean out the crumbs.. not sure about these modern contraptions tho

PeachesMcScream · 06/10/2007 22:30

yes! You can get these canisters that spray out compressed air. They're fab and basically blow all the gunk out of the crevices. Very satisfying in an icky kind of way. You'll be horrified what you get out of there!

BecauseImWereWolfit · 06/10/2007 22:34

Turn your PC off (obviously!) - and then turn your keyboard upside down and give it a really good shake. You will find that all manner of things fall out of it at this point!

Then get a wodge of babywipes and just wipe over everywhere. The tops of the keys, the sides, etc. You will be amazed and hypnotically enthused about the dirt that you can clean off the keys.

Let it dry thoroughly before you turn it back on.

And have you cleaned your mouse yet?! (I love getting all the gunge out of it ...)

laura032004 · 06/10/2007 22:34

Have just pulled it off (the dirt underneath is unbelievable). Can't get it back on properly, but it seems to be working a bit better now. Will probably just invest in a new keyboard. Sods law - freecycled a new one just last week!

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