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FLYing - baby steps - day 8 - Wed

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CindersNeedsHelp · 02/10/2007 22:04

Today, Day 8, we start our Control Journal. We have to now write our own routines down in a file. My routines are:

Morning routine
Get dressed
Read my personal reminders (these will become my Control Journal and I?m doing them electronically)
Read today's reminders
Turn negative voices into nice ones
2 minute Hot Spot

Before bed routine
Shine sink
Pick out clothes for tomorrow
2 minute Hot Spot

OP posts:
SuperMonkey · 03/10/2007 08:21

Morning all.

Marvellous, another 4:15am wake up. What's going on? Why's he suddenly stopped sleeping to 7am? I thought after swimming he'd be flat out for the night. Ho hum. He seems genuinely hungry when he wakes, it would all be fine if he would go back to sleep again. Any tips from you seasoned mothers? I'm feeding him in the dark and everything.

Morning routine done apart from hotspots which I will do when I've finished my tea and toast.

flowerybeanbag · 03/10/2007 08:57

Morning all

I am off the wagon
I didn't put out my clothes for today last night

However I have the most excellent excuse. My 24 Season 6 DVD box set arrived yesterday (Jack Bauer swoooooooon!), so of course I had to watch 3 episodes immediately. Well I say immediately, I had to contain myself until DH got home, which was V Hard.

I am getting back on the wagon this morning though. Well I am in a minute when I have finished checking my threads....

So far I am dressed to shoes, washing machine going. I am off now to do the kitchen and a hotspot and also sort out my Control Journal which is going to be my filofax.

Monkey sounds like a pre-weaning growth spurt, often they suddenly become hungry about this age I think.
I wish that was the case with DS. He is not interested in feeding until at least 7, usually a bit later, so much so that I am thinking about cutting his 10.30 feed way down. He just wakes up early for no apparent reason . Although it might be teething pains, he has red cheeks a lot at the moment, and is constantly chewing his fist and is grizzly.
Last night it was 4.30 again, then back to sleep, then 5.20, back to sleep, then 6, wide awake thinking everything is hilarious, especially Mummy's bleary eyes and bed hair...

systemsaddict · 03/10/2007 09:17

Hi guys! Sorry I disappeared for a couple of days. Warning to those of you with helpful dh / dps - my dp's miracle tidying was obviously a sign he was sickening for something LOL - he has been in bed with very nasty tummy bug for a couple of days, so everything has gone to pot!! He's OK this morning and gone to work, and today is a day I'm home with ds so getting back on track. However, I did keep sink shiny, read reminders and dressed to shoes every day, yay!

I did point out to him that I had same bug last week and was still expected to look after ds rather than lie in bed calling weakly for Lucozade - his response? 'Yes, but I didn't realise you were ill, I thought you were just being pregnant' Think he needs a bit of gentle tutoring in the need for pregnant ladies to be looked after!!

I know it's one baby step a day but I have FLYed (flown?) before and have v. minimal control journal already so think I'll be OK catching up to where you all are today. Felt very overwhelmed and tired this morning but did get me and ds dressed to shoes because of this thread. Couldn't face showering with toddler running round bathroom so will do that when he goes down for his nap - hope that's not cheating / gross!! Think I need to shower before ds gets up, but that means getting up at 6.15 and I need my sleep right now ... what do others with small children do? Realised that getting clothes ready the night before would help too so I'm glad that's a current step.

OK this is getting too long, sorry, catching up on several days' silence here!

flowerybeanbag · 03/10/2007 10:31

Hoorah! I am back on the wagon.

Dishwasher emptied
Kitchen worksurfaces done
Sink shiny
Bottles clean and sterilised
Hotspot done
Control Journal started.

And a partridge in a pear tree!

SA I tend to get up about 6.30 and have a shower and get dressed. DS is usually in his cot watching his mobile or lying on the bed watching me until we go downstairs about 7. DH and I watch him between us while we both get ready. May not be an option with slightly older children though, I guess. Welcome back btw!

Bienchen · 03/10/2007 12:04

Baby and I are getting over our colds - hurray!!!

Dressed and made up - check!
Read reminders - check!
Unloaded and reloaded dishwasher - check!
Made beds - check!
Hung out washing - check!
Spent two minutes tidying hotspot in dining room - check!
Organised journal - check!
Done 15 mins of movement as we walked to Mums and Tots - check!

Am thinking about dinner and am writing a shopping list.

I feel so much better even if I am just accomplishing baby steps. Normally baby wking three times during the night would have left me a bit irritable today but so far so good

daisyandbabybootoo · 03/10/2007 12:39

Afternoon...I'm lagging behind today. babyboo had her last lot of jabs yesterday and is really grumpy with an upset tummy so not getting a lot done other than cuddling!


dressed to shoes - check (and we all were this morning before leaving for the school run thanks to laying out of clothes last night)
sink shiny - it was but I've just had lunch
reminders read - check
personal reminders/control journal - not yet but will do this afternoon
2 minute hotspot - not had a chance.

Trying to get her to have a nap but she has been content to sit in her chair and shout at me. I know she is tired as she's rubbing her eyes and spitting out her dummy (she knows if she sucks she will fall asleep).

blardy immunisations.

Countingthegreyhairs · 03/10/2007 13:17

Sink clean and shined
Dressed to shoes by 7.30am each morning, even a bit of make-up
Found a folder to start control journal
Read reminders
Hotspot to do -

BUT - laundry gone to pot - difficult to find any clothes to put out the night before if you're behind with the washing and ironing and I'm having trouble with that negative to nice thing ...

Apart from that, starting to notice definite improvements in house and the way I feel about it!

SuperMonkey · 03/10/2007 13:19

Flowery - I would agree with you re weaning if I hadn't already started to wean him! Perhaps he's just not getting enough. It could be teeth though too, he does have very red cheeks in the morning.

purpleturtle · 03/10/2007 13:43

Have a control journal already. Ds2 trashed it a bit while I was on the phone one day last week, but I think it'll do for now! The HotSpot I did yesterday is already back with a vengeance, but I have just hoovered downstairs.

funnypeculiar · 03/10/2007 13:45

after noon all
Not my most productive flying morning, as I've done school visit (sorting primary schools for ds) & ds had swimming BUT I DID put out my clothes last night (despite getting in late after one too many glasses of wine!)
So - sink shiny, have sort of done one hotspot, & read reminders.

Will try & sort control journal during dd's nap before picking ds up from preschool

(Oh, and system addict, I try and shower
a) while dh is still home int he morings
b) in eve
or c) when dd has her lunchtime nap - I find shower with two of them rattling round stressful too.

So we can honk together

flowerybeanbag · 03/10/2007 14:07

Monkey - oh fair enough then, not pre-weaning. But maybe not getting enough, or sounds like teething with the red cheeks, like DS. He's not interested in more feeding though - if anything is slightly off it when he's all red-cheeked.

I have folded and put away washing from this morning(I'm in love with my new washer-dryer which means I just take stuff out, fold it up and put it away, no washing hanging all over the house. So shoot me for not being green....)

Have also managed to squeeze in some ironing during DS's nap, except when being pestered by the dog to play while DS is out of the way!

Am feeling v virtuous! [smug]

SuperMonkey · 03/10/2007 14:26

You know, 2 minutes on a hotspot doesn't really seem to achieve much.

funnypeculiar · 03/10/2007 14:37

I reckon 2 mins hotspot just about clears the things that have gone onto the hotspot that day. (Mine is a massivo pile of paperwork to be filed at the end of the dining room table.
It's growling at me as I type

systemsaddict · 03/10/2007 16:11

Yay! Had shower while ds was asleep - glad I'm not alone in having to find time for this funnypeculiar - flowerybeanbag I miss those days when I could happily leave ds on the bed while I got dressed - they're long gone now!! Have also:

cleared hot spot (I have many, but am giving myself credit for doing one)
washed up, loaded and unloaded dishwasher and shined sink
written morning and evening routines in control journal
read reminders

so I think I'm done!! Feels nice actually, haven't done much but it's nice to feel I've achieved what I set out to today, so rare these days.

Would put feet up except need to work out what's for dinner, hang up washing, entertain ds - it's raining here, we were going to go to the park but I think not. But if I don't get any of those things done, it doesn't matter and I won't let the negative voices in!

Daisy, hope babyboo has settled now.

beautifuldays · 03/10/2007 16:14

dresses to shoes - done
shine sink - was done but is still full of the lunch dishes
hot spot - to do
washing - done
read reminders - done
control journal - done

i know what you mean about the hot spots SM, i have so many hot spots in my house i don't know where one ends and another begins! 2 minutes doesn't touch the sides...........

beautifuldays · 03/10/2007 19:48

oh dear, did i kill the thread?

have still got "i'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world" going through my head! lol!

daisy- hope baby boo is a bit better now

CindersNeedsHelp · 03/10/2007 20:03

I shower and leave DS to wonder through from his room to bathroom. It usually means I end up with all manner of toys in the bath as I shower, or I find his room in mayhem, like the other day when he found and emptied a practically full box of tissues. Oh joy. There really must be an easier way! Hey ho!

Well, what have I achieved today?

Morning routine
Get dressed done Showered and dressed before going downstairs, yippee
Read personal reminders and create Control Journal done In a word doc. I plan to print out pages to add to by hand.
Read today's reminders done
Turn negative voices into nice ones ish main neg voices directed to DH today (domestic bliss!!)
2 minute Hot Spot done today was over freezer, yesterday was over microwave. There is space in parts of my kitchen!!!

Before bed routine
Shine sink done
Pick out clothes for tomorrow done
2 minute Hot Spot ish paperwork all in one place now, does that count?

See you all tomorrow on the ?Day 9 Thursday? thread here

OP posts:
unknownrebelbang · 03/10/2007 23:06

Am I the last to report in?

DH has made a start on the bedroom, such a shame he has to go to work tomorrow, lol.

Today has been hectic, literally racing from college to work, then dealing with homework and tea before karate, beavers (I help) and PTA meeting, then collecting the lads from karate, but having a fairly tidy kitchen has made soooo much easier.

Anyway, routine:
Exercise bike and ready (no shoes, lol)
read reminders, adjusted routine, etc

shiny sink
hot spot
clothes/uniforms ready for tomorrow

didn't manage to declutter another bit of the kitchen which I had planned for today(day 9).

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