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Spare rail for wardrobe?

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dylanandellie · 28/09/2007 22:37

We have a 'big' wardrobe in my ds room but his clothes are obviously still v small and the space isn't utilised fully. I know I've seen a rail you can fix under the existing one so he can have two rails of clothes.I cannot find one anywhere. Any ideas?

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marthamoo · 28/09/2007 22:42

They sell them in B&Q - a rail and the two cup fixings that you screw into the sides of the wardrobe.

We did one for ds2 - you'll be amazed how fast it's rendered obsolete as his clothes get bigger though

marthamoo · 28/09/2007 22:43

Or for something less permanent try this

MamaG · 28/09/2007 22:44

yy b&q

dylanandellie · 28/09/2007 22:51

Thanks so much!

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