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Laminate floor wahing solution, vinegar and what ?and what quantities please

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haychee · 28/09/2007 12:19

What kind of vinegar mixed with what?

Was posted here before and now cant find it.

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alfielooloo · 28/09/2007 17:48

Am bumping for you as I would be interested in this

haychee · 28/09/2007 17:58

I couldnt wait for the reply, so went with white wine vinegar in warm water with a good dosing of lemon juice. Seemed to work ok, did clean the floors and didnt smell as bad as i thought it would.
Doesnt seem to be very shiny though, so probobly missing vital ingredient or used wrong quantities.

OP posts:
Flibbertyjibbet · 28/09/2007 18:06

Be very careful using any kind of liquid wash on laminate. Any water/solution that gets between the pieces and under the top layer can cause it to swell. The cheaper the laminate the more likely this is to happen quickly. Use the slightest amount of any liquid - a very well wrung out cloth is probably best if you have to use moisture at all. The top layers are sometimes just tough sort of paper/card with wood patterns on, under a thin layer of sealant.
DP lays solid wood floors, he won't lay laminate because people try to mop it etc, it gets damp, swells, ruined then they try to blame the way he fitted it.
Sorry if yours is an expensive one!
But check with the manufacturer's cleaning instructions before using any liquid on it.

Tottie32 · 28/09/2007 18:18

so what would you use if cant use wet mop?

haychee · 28/09/2007 19:06

Ive had laminate for 7yrs. Always washed with a wet mop or cloth. I think as long as you dont apply too much water, ie wring out mop or cloth thoroughly.

OP posts:
chloesmumtoo · 01/10/2007 12:44

We have lovely one. Quick step, well recommend it but was told not to wash it also. We have spilt hot drink over it and cleaned up quick but all I really do is wipe it with a mildly damp(water only) piece of kitchen roll!

jo25 · 01/10/2007 12:55

i always used warm water, white vinegar, touch of Bicarb, one drop of fairy liquid and a very small amount of baby oil. sounds odd but does work just dont use much oil as it will be slippery and smeary. hope that helps.

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