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FLYing - baby steps - day 5

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CindersNeedsHelp · 27/09/2007 20:33

Friday - day 5

Get dressed
Shine your sink
Read today's reminders
Read your personal reminders (be they post-its, in a note book, on your computer via Outlook or desktop)

Now add say something nice to yourself

It might be nice to put our nice thoughts on here ? what do you think?

OP posts:
SuperMonkey · 28/09/2007 07:28

Morning all.

This really is babysteps - in a week all we have really done is shine our sink (I'm assuming we all used to get dressed at some point in the day!)

flowerybeanbag · 28/09/2007 08:39


I'm dressed
Dishwasher is empty
Washing is on
Sink is shiny
I've had breakfast
My shoes are on
Reminders are read

Don't know about the banishing ugly thoughts, but someone said something lovely about me on here yesterday - that I have helped a lot of desperate mums. Which I have, but I just do it without thinking about it really, but that was so nice to hear.

CindersNeedsHelp · 28/09/2007 09:36
  1. Get dressed done
  2. Shine your sink was done before I left home yesterday (I am at my parents for the weekend, as it?s my sister?s wedding and DS and I are in her entourage.)
  3. Read today's reminders done
  4. Read your personal reminders done
  5. Say something nice to yourself - To make me feel better about the fact that my house is a mess, I try to think about my DS - he is clean, fed, polite and happy. My DH says that my main job is mum not housekeeper, and as DS is well looked after then he is pleased with me. My Dad said to me that DS is a well-behaved little boy, and I take that as a compliment. Sometimes when I give DS junk food (Quavers, Milky Bar Buttons etc.) I think I?m being a bad mum, but I then try to remind myself that a lunch of 4 or 5 crisps with a sandwich, piece of fruit and a yogurt is a healthy balanced diet.
OP posts:
flowerybeanbag · 28/09/2007 09:53

ooh Cinders enjoy the wedding!

funnypeculiar · 28/09/2007 10:19

Sink shined before breakfast
Dressed & perfume on (instead of shoes)
Reminders read

(also load of washing done, need to hang out, but looks like it's going to tip it down!)

Am also busy sorting out a load of ds &dd's old clothes/toys for a Nearly New Sale this weekend

Humm, something nice ... will go & think about that one!

funnypeculiar · 28/09/2007 10:20

And enjoy the wedding cinders!
You SHALL go to the ball

Countingthegreyhairs · 28/09/2007 11:17

Hi everyone.

Hi Cinders - sorry - only just clocked your name change!

Thanks for posting reminders.

Have made really good progress Mon - Wed this week. It's amazing how something as simple as shining a sink has such a significant knock-on effect on the rest of the household. I've found it really helps me harness time effectively and for once I'm ahead instead of running behind (so stressful and demoralising) although still masses and masses to achieve of course.

However, really cross with myself because I crashed last night. Had had a really tough day, dh and I had late supper and I didn't clear up the dishes, shine sink or put clothes out. As a result, had a foul morning (only saved by Casbie on behaviour/parenting thread about stopping morning tantrums with hugs). I've learnt my lesson .. getting back on track today ...

daisyandbabybootoo · 28/09/2007 12:26

i've fallen off the wagon today but will get back on later.

dressed, but only just over my pjs (slept in and had 20 mins to get DS breakfasted dressed and leave for school and feed and change DD)

sink not shiny ...been feeling crap with PND

I've read all the reminders though so that's something.

Feeling so low I can't think of anything nice to say about myself.....but like cinders, my DS is are well mannered, polite, bright and well dressed and clean and my DD is a delight so feel proud of that achievement considering I'm a single parent through the week as DH works away Mon-Fri.

Will be back later with a shiny sink!

mylastrolo · 28/09/2007 12:35

morning ladies woops afternoon,

been to cancer coffee morning any excuse!! went back to debehams and got tag off coat and got new jeans and 20% discount for having to go back to shop

just in door and straight on here.

obviously dressed
shined sink last night full of breakfast stuff still to do
have reminders on fridge off to drink some water.

put a load of washing on

cinders have fab time at wedding been ages since i 've been to a good wedding.

SuperMonkey · 28/09/2007 13:11

What are you all cooking for tea? I need some inspiration.

flowerybeanbag · 28/09/2007 13:12

Oh good grief, thanks for reminding me Monkey, need to find something in the freezer...

flowerybeanbag · 28/09/2007 13:14

SuperMonkey · 28/09/2007 13:40

Fish - good idea, not had fish in ages.

mylastrolo · 28/09/2007 14:00

Need to do a proper shop for food. cold enough for chicken casserole or stew. just getting my girls to eat it

sink shined
wash on

SuperMonkey · 28/09/2007 17:17

Do we have things to do over the weekend, do you know? Or do we get Saturday and Sunday off?

bilblio · 28/09/2007 18:29

Dressed showered and hair done first thing this morning.
Sink was shiney this morning, but full of dishes now, will sort that once DD is in bed.
Read reminders.
Something nice about myself? I think I'll have to borrow inspiration from you lot. My DD is 10 weeks old today, last night she slept from 10:15 till 6:30 this morning, we've had a couple of nights when she's slept for 6 hours but they've always been antisocial hours (7pm till 1am). She's a happy contented little girl, with a happy contented Mum & Dad so I'm obviously doing a good job.

Also changed the bed today as one of my cats decided to wee on it!!! He's never done that before, I think he was desperate to be let outside. He's started spray recently too, so I think I need to add an extra task to my babysteps list of "give Gonzo some attention".

CindersNeedsHelp · 28/09/2007 18:57

From what I gather (and experienced FLYBabies feel free to correct me) on a weekend we still have to follow our routines, but we don?t have any missions, zones or decluttering (27-Fling Boogies or Hotspots etc) but as early babysteppers we?re not on missions, zones or decluttering yet.

So, for the weekend, we have the baby steps weekend FLY

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