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superquick method to defrost freezer

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southeastastra · 27/09/2007 10:44


OP posts:
serenity · 27/09/2007 13:17

Dangerous one - hairdryer and a wooden spatula

safer one - put a bowl of boiling water in there, shut the door and leave for 5/10 minutes the attack with wooden spatula - repeat until all the ice is gone.

serenity · 27/09/2007 13:17

then attack, that should be (please, please give us an edit button!)

skirmish · 27/09/2007 13:18

hairdryer and wooden spatula here...took about an hour or so...but make sure you've got lots of towels to mop up melting ice!

brendar75 · 27/09/2007 13:18

Steam cleaner!

AnAngelWithin · 27/09/2007 13:20

i use a hairdryer and a metal cake serving thing (cant think what they are called!!) i tried a spatula but i broke it!! rofl

TinyGang · 27/09/2007 13:22

Ooh spooky - I started a thread on this the other day when I was doing mine.

Washing up bowls of hot water in the freezer worked well. But you have to change the water often because it loses the heat quite quickly.

Hairdryer method sounds incredibly dangerous to me - water and electricity and all that.

TheYoungVisiter · 27/09/2007 13:24

Hair dryer every time - IMO no more dangerous than drying wet hair ? You don't put it in the freeze or anything nutty like that - just stand a foot or so away and aim it at the freezer, and as skirmish says, keep mopping!

southeastastra · 27/09/2007 14:31

thanks all, i'll let dp do it at the weekend . i killed it once through over enthusiastic stabbing with a knife. gas everywhere

OP posts:
aDad · 27/09/2007 14:40

definitely steam cleaner - ours doesn't get used for anything else in fact.

Actually quite fun slicing patterns in the ice with it. Well, fun for a short time anyway.

Fizzylemonade · 28/09/2007 13:03

Do not try using a blow torch like my dad

It does guarentee a new freezer though when you melt a hole in the plastic

aDad · 28/09/2007 13:26

lol at blow torch!!

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