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Lakeland must-haves

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Bear · 26/09/2007 08:06

can't believe I'm asking this, but I've got to buy something costing £1.99 from Lakeland - tell me what you can't live without from there so I can bulk up my order and make it worth my while shelling out P&P. I wait with bated breath....

OP posts:
bran · 26/09/2007 08:27

These little ice packs are very useful. They are flexible when frozen so great to wrap in a tea towel and applying to bruises and for lunch boxes etc.

bozza · 26/09/2007 08:38

I love the green compost bin, but that kind of assumes you have a compost heap. The charcoal filters work really well. I am also a fan of the potato ricer for making non-lumpy mashed potatoes.

MrsBadger · 26/09/2007 08:43

roasting bags
stayfresh veg bags
reusable cake tin liners

mrsflowerpot · 26/09/2007 08:43

they do a set of 2 bendy silicon spoon things (one pink, one blue) for baking, but they are fab for general cooking (better than spatula etc) and I use them everyday - they are not expensive at all.

bozza · 26/09/2007 08:45

Oh yes I like those cut out greaseproof paper circles for lining my cake tins with.

bozza · 26/09/2007 08:45

And mini-muffin trays

MrsBadger · 26/09/2007 08:46

reusable ones

mrsflowerpot · 26/09/2007 08:48

oh I need those MrsB...

damn it, now I am on the lakeland site before 9am, there is no escape.

Cappuccino · 26/09/2007 08:54

tinsy tiny ones of these to freeze little portions of chicken stock in

enough for a soup for me and dd2 (well for dd2 to look at and say "I don't want soup")

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