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stainless steel cleaners look NO further!

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NorthernRockCod · 24/09/2007 14:36

i haev foudn the best ever cleaer and i have tried a lOT

OP posts:
NotAnOtter · 24/09/2007 14:36

is it swift?

MegaLegs · 24/09/2007 14:37

do tell

RGPargy · 24/09/2007 14:37

I use M&S own brand oil. Was fab - but i dont clean my stainless steel stuff that often so anything would probably seem good!

NotAnOtter · 24/09/2007 14:39


Nbg · 24/09/2007 14:39

go on go on

Desiderata · 24/09/2007 14:40

I use olive oil on kitchen towel. It works like a dream.

NorthernRockCod · 24/09/2007 14:40

no no no to makrs
its the lakeland one
i cant find it
thewoman told me i oculd tkae it bakc if it was shit and its not

so i wont

OP posts:
NotAnOtter · 24/09/2007 14:41


NorthernRockCod · 24/09/2007 14:43

a fiver
hold on wil look again

OP posts:
NorthernRockCod · 24/09/2007 14:44

"steel kleen"

OP posts:
NorthernRockCod · 24/09/2007 14:45!21212

OP posts:
Whooosh · 24/09/2007 14:45

I use Johnson's baby oil and it works a treat-less than a fiver too....

NorthernRockCod · 24/09/2007 14:46
OP posts:
NorthernRockCod · 24/09/2007 14:46

this repels

OP posts:
Furball · 24/09/2007 14:47

were they her exact words cod? lol

NorthernRockCod · 24/09/2007 14:48

"if its shit coddy you cna brign it back"

JUST like that

OP posts:
NorthernRockCod · 24/09/2007 14:48


OP posts:
Pruners · 24/09/2007 14:49

Message withdrawn

NotAnOtter · 24/09/2007 14:49

I TRIED THAT OIL business it was bolleux

i still swear by swift

have you read the swift reveiw??? it's on AMAZON you know under SWIFT

Whooosh · 24/09/2007 14:50

ooooooh repels eh?

NotAnOtter · 24/09/2007 14:50

my fridge freezer is a voluminous american monstrosity - complete stainless steel

5 kids
1 aged 4
1 aged 1

i NEED swift

blousy · 24/09/2007 15:06

I too have a mahoosive stainless steel american style fridge and lots of s/steel in kitchen. I SWEAR by Fairy power spray-it's completely fab and I've tried many, many things.
Have to use a complicated technique though which makes dh panic if he does it!

Whooosh · 24/09/2007 15:06

No-you need a new fridge

NorthernRockCod · 24/09/2007 15:07

no not for oclouredones( like som fridges) its fo covens etc
is fab

OP posts:
LizaRose · 24/09/2007 15:09

For covens? Does ot work on cauldrons then?

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