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cleaning dishwashes with a cup of white vinegar?

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elasticbandstand · 14/09/2007 20:31

it is so smelly.
do i put in cup right way up or upside down.

anyone of you clever people know?

anxiously awaits, terrible smell in dishwasher.

OP posts:
SenoraPostrophe · 14/09/2007 20:33

have you cleaned all the seals and the filters? those are the things that make it smell imo.

but vinegar might help. You don't need to put the cup in at all, just the vinegar.

ellehcim · 14/09/2007 20:37

white vinegar is also fantastic at getting the limescale off taps. You soak a bit of kitchen roll in it and secure it to the tap overnight with an elastic band and in the morning the limescale just falls off.

My god I'm so sad!!!!

littlemissbossy · 14/09/2007 20:41

a good thing to try every once in a while is lemon - put half a lemon in with your normal load, makes the dishwasher smell nice and gives makes your dishes shine

elasticbandstand · 14/09/2007 21:16

thank you,

who needs anything else when one has mumsnet?

OP posts:
traceukw1 · 15/09/2007 01:15

Try This

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