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Laundry basket with different compartments to pre-sort clothes - can anyone recommend one?

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circlesquare · 09/09/2007 21:57

Hello -

DH is keen on the idea of getting a laundry basket with (preferably) three compartments to it, so that we can pre-sort our washing and just grab handfuls to throw into the washing machine.

I'm keen on the idea of doing anything which makes him keen on washing. And keeps little piles of clothes off the bathroom floor.

Can anyone recommend a basket or any other set-up which works, please?

OP posts:
Chirpygirl · 09/09/2007 22:09

How about this one?

Chirpygirl · 09/09/2007 22:10

I did get a 3 part one from argos but can't find it!
I did rip down one of the dividers thouhg so I had one big coloured section adn one smaller whites...I am too messy to own many whites!

ShrinkingViolet · 09/09/2007 22:11

depends how much space you have, but I bought two kitchen wall cupboads, set them on their sides behind my upstairs landing banister (so that the doors opened outwards from teh top), atatched chains inside the doors to limit the opening, and put two IKEA laundry bags in each one, fastened with hooks at each corner. So now I have four "hampers" whcih open out like the posh expensive ones, taking up 120cm x 30 cm x 70 cm. And all clothes are sorted into whites, lights, brights and darks.

moondog · 09/09/2007 22:11

Why bother?
It takes about 2 minutes to sort out a full basket.

Chirpygirl · 09/09/2007 22:13

But moondog, I'm too lazy to sort washing!

(and it's dull)

JackieNo · 09/09/2007 22:13

If you have ££ to spend, there are a couple at The Holding Company, first on in the middle of the top row, second on the right of the third row down.

circlesquare · 09/09/2007 22:14

That's practical. I particularly like the price! Thanks.

Would also be interested in something with a lid, if anyone has seen anything along those lines...

OP posts:
circlesquare · 09/09/2007 22:17

Just laughing at my cross-post. The price I liked was Chirpygirl's Argos one. Although I'm now coveting lots of Holding Company stuff...

OP posts:
circlesquare · 09/09/2007 22:20

Also full of admiration for ShrinkingViolet's system.

moondog, I agree with you about sorting washing. But far be it from me to discourage DH from getting more involved in the laundry...

OP posts:
Chirpygirl · 09/09/2007 22:20

Jesus wept, even I would sort the washing before I paid 65 quid!

although I am also getting a little too intersted in the Holding Company stuff!

JackieNo · 09/09/2007 22:22

I know, £65 is rather . If you like the Holding Company, you'll like All Tidied Up and A Place for Everything.

winestein · 09/09/2007 22:22

Ah, but Moondog, the flaw in your statement is that Circlesquare is talking about a man. The task will take at least an hour of planning before it actually happens.
I'm unsure about Chirpygirl

winestein · 09/09/2007 22:23

Damn, if I could make my money cross posting I would be loaded

Chirpygirl · 09/09/2007 22:27

Unsure about what? I freely admit I am a lazy cow
This is why I own very few white items of clothing, unfortunately when DD was bron everyone insisted on giving me white vest s for her...most inconvenient!

circlesquare · 09/09/2007 22:29

Not fair JackieNo! I want far too much stuff from all of those sites now...

I think that this little beauty would appeal to a chap's sense of gadgetry.

OP posts:
JackieNo · 09/09/2007 22:32

. I spend many happy hours (well, probably minutes really, honest) browsing these sites - it's much more fun to imagine how organised I could be if I could just afford to buy more stuff, than to actually get round to organising my existing stuff.

winestein · 09/09/2007 22:34

Ages ago someone recommended getting the Ikea wardrobe basket drawers for laundry sorting purposes. They cost next to nothing, and also happen to be brilliant in my house for bread, fruit and veg

FirstAtForty · 09/09/2007 22:38

I've been keeping an eye out for one, but there's not much choice. Maybe just get two?

There's this one though - v pricey too but quite stylish 747010?ie=UTF8&s=kitchen&qid=1189373504&sr=8-12

JackieNo · 09/09/2007 22:39

Of course - Ikea! Just get 2 of these.

circlesquare · 09/09/2007 22:47

Ah, you see I'm so busy drooling over posh stuff (the Brabantia one is lovely, skid or non-skid) that I'd forgotten the obvious place - IKEA.

Really like the IKEA ones. One black, one white. A heavy hint as to what goes where... And I could unleash DD into the ball pool, spend ten minutes buying them, and 50 minutes in the cafe.

OP posts:
longtimelurker · 09/09/2007 23:09

try this

preggersagain · 14/09/2007 13:24

just thought i'd quickly mention that kleeneze do one, i spotted it in the catalogue the other day and immediatly thought oif this thread!! three compartments about 7 quid!

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