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3hrs of ironing - how much should i pay her????

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oldwomanwholivedinashoe · 08/09/2007 12:53

my cousin (whose only 18) has just done 3hrs of ironing as a one off to help me out (mega stressed out at mo and got way behind) - whta should I pay her?
I was thinking £6 per hour. Is this enough?
I asked her what she wanted and she said - whatever!! Very helpful!

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lisad123 · 08/09/2007 12:59

I would throw her a £20, should be fine, unless gonna become a regualr thing. i hate ironing, would pay loads if i could afford it, just to get out of doing it.

oldwomanwholivedinashoe · 08/09/2007 13:00

???help please!

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oldwomanwholivedinashoe · 08/09/2007 13:00

thanks lisa - cross posted my other message!

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binkleandflip · 08/09/2007 13:02

If she has done three hours solid ironing I would be giving her £30. (well worth it IMO)

Then the incentive is there to offer to do it again.

charliecat · 08/09/2007 13:03

Id say £30 too.

SueW · 08/09/2007 13:07

20 is a nice orund number.

30 too much.

WotsZePoint · 08/09/2007 13:10

Go half way make it £25 , but the I hate ironing so if someonw wants mine today let me know I am willing to go to £30

haychee · 08/09/2007 13:22

I wish i had a cousin who is willing to do my ironing mountains of it here. Where does she live?

mylastrolo · 08/09/2007 13:26


Tutter · 08/09/2007 13:28

i pay my cleaner for ironing

same rate as cleaning

£10 an hour

ELMTREE · 08/09/2007 13:32

I used to do ironing and charged £1.50 per pound in weight. A flat basket used to be £15.

brimfull · 08/09/2007 13:52

I'd give her £20.
£30 too much imo

FranSanDisco · 08/09/2007 14:13

£20.00 seems fair imho.

Bibis · 08/09/2007 15:02

i paid someone recently £20 to do about three hours ironing and that was acceptable to us both. Just right methinks

SimplySparkling · 08/09/2007 15:36

I also think £30 is too much. £20 is pretty generous for an £18 year old. It is only ironing, after all. If she'd be happy with £15 then pay her that. If she does it for you again in the future, at least you'll (hopefully) be able to afford to pay her the same rate again.

oldwomanwholivedinashoe · 09/09/2007 13:58

Gave her £20 this morn and she was chuffed!

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