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Bathroom Toy Storage

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EmbarrassingMama · 27/02/2020 11:12

Hello wise 'netters!

I'm in need of help. We recently had our bathroom re-done and it looks heavenly. Except, of course, for the array of plastic crap and shampoo bottles that sit on the edge of the bath each night draining.

How do you store your baby shampoo and plethora of plastic boats and cups? Is there such a thing as a storage tub with holes in that sits inside another tub to catch the water? I don't really want my window sill covered in water...

Any nice ideas out there? What do you do with your stuff?!

Thanks so much

OP posts:
mencken · 27/02/2020 11:47

cut down to three toys and put in a net, hung from a stick on hook. Easy to remove when this phase goes.

INeedNewShoes · 27/02/2020 11:56

I have just resisted buying lots of bath toys.

DD has a big submarine (used for hair washing), then a stack of cups, a stack of boats, two ducks and a fish.

At the end of bath time it's a game to drain all the toys and then stack them into 2 tall towers in the far corner of the bath.

I made the decision not to accumulate loads of bath toys having seen the hoards of grimy, mouldy bath toys at other people's houses!

EmbarrassingMama · 27/02/2020 12:34

Oh wow, that sounds like loads! We have 5 plastic boats which stack into one another, one cup and his shampoo.

What are the stacking towers? Or do you just mean you stack the cups and boats into themselves and leave them on the side?

OP posts:
Fresh01 · 27/02/2020 13:08

We got a circular tub from Poundland. It is about 15 high. It has a lattice affect on the side that seems to go very near the bottom. Put toys in it, then tilt it and all the water runs out the lattice effect. Leave tub either in bottom of bath or on the side. Every few weeks I rinse out the tub in the sink whilst the kids are in the bath.

EmbarrassingMama · 27/02/2020 13:12

That's exactly what I'm after! Bravo Poundland. Will go on the hunt this week...

OP posts:
coffeeneeded · 27/02/2020 13:14

Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy Organizer Bath Caddy with Removable Drying Rack Bin and Scoop for Bath Toys for Toddlers + Baby, Grey

We've got one of these- it's brilliant.

EmbarrassingMama · 28/02/2020 12:51

Be still, my beating heart. Thank you @coffeeneeded! Going to order one immediately.

OP posts:
coffeeneeded · 29/02/2020 07:52

@EmbarrassingMama no worries.

Marmite27 · 29/02/2020 07:54

There is a product like you describe! I have one of these: Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy...

Marmite27 · 29/02/2020 07:57

Sorry, didn’t read the full thread and see a previous poster had posted the same link Blush we look like an add for the company now Confused but they really are good.

EmbarrassingMama · 29/02/2020 08:54

Not at all, I’m glad for the second recommendation and have just ordered one. Thank you!

OP posts:
jillyrjane · 23/05/2021 10:46

I recommend KidCo S372 bath organizer storage, It holds a lot of bottles (all full sizes, no travel size), two dividers keep it in place so it's really sturdy and won't slip off The two ends of the tub from two pieces form a tray and do not sag because of the object.

thelegohooverer · 29/05/2021 09:38

We always get a Christmas hamper from one of dh’s clients and I use the basket to corral all the kids stuff. It has a lid so the zen of my bathroom is maintained! I let them dry overnight and pop all the junk back in the basket in the morning.
It’s not the best material for a bathroom so I do keep an eye for mould, but mostly it’s been fine.

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