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Crayon on my <sobs> freshly painted walls

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FlameBatfink · 31/08/2007 21:02

I decorated this time last week.... the little have drawn on my wall with red crayon!!!

They haven't drawn on walls/furniture since the Oompa Loompa incident when DD was 2 1/2, why the hell are they starting now???

Anyway - rubber got the main off, but light pink remains... how do I get it off except for more paint?

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WendyWeber · 31/08/2007 21:05

Is it silk emulsion? If so, do you have a microfibre cloth? Get one tomorrow if you haven't

If it's matt it'll be a painting-over job I'm afraid

Or you could try one of those cleaning eraser things, I'll see if I can find a link for you.

FlameBatfink · 31/08/2007 21:06

I have oodles of microfibre cloths (great for stuffing cloth nappies), and it is silk (because I knew matt would be hell) - will go rub!

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WendyWeber · 31/08/2007 21:07

This thing from Lakeland

But I find microfibre cloths (all the supermarkets have them now) are brilliant at shifting all sorts of filth from silk-painted walls.

tortoise · 31/08/2007 21:07

tooth paste for crayon i think they said on how clean is your house!

NannyL · 31/08/2007 21:11

you need a flash magic eraser or the same version by JML from woolworths

trsut me is will get crayon off of painted walls

and lots of stuff of lost of surfaces actually!

scienceteacher · 31/08/2007 21:18

Flash magic eraser

FlameBatfink · 31/08/2007 22:01

Will go buy one tomorrow

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WendyWeber · 31/08/2007 22:02

Did the cloth not work, FBf?

SlightlyMadShockwave · 31/08/2007 22:05

actually the flash magic eraser thingy did get crayon of SILs wall - along with her reasonably fresh paint. So test in an inconspicuous area first.

FlameBatfink · 31/08/2007 22:05

I meant for general all round cleaningness

The cloth did take off most of the crayon... but also some of the paint so I stopped

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fryalot · 31/08/2007 22:06


As long as it is the white stuff, not the blue minty gel type.

Trust me, it really works.

FlameBatfink · 31/08/2007 22:06


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Bewilderbeast · 31/08/2007 22:07

Cif on a cloth a little bit on an only just damp cloth and rub very very gently - my joiner recommended this after he buggered up my new paint job, it worked a treat...and that was on matt

FlameBatfink · 31/08/2007 22:08

Will do the toothpaste on the last bit in a min! (and buy a tester pot of paint over the next few days....)

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