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Shower curtain or bath screen???

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inneedofbreak · 30/08/2007 21:32

Dh and I are in the process of having a spanking, ultra modern new bathroom fitted. Do we get a glass bath screen or a shower curtain. I know screens are the in thing but are they as pratical as a curtain??

OP posts:
Bewilderbeast · 30/08/2007 21:34

bath screen, shower curtains are the devils own toe jam. Urgh can't bide them they cling to your leg and go mouldy.

BBBee · 30/08/2007 21:34

what bewilder said.

UCM · 30/08/2007 21:39

Bath screen, just a plastic one that you can replace every two years or so. Well thats what I said when I had DH put mine in 5 years ago . This is the important bit, buy one of them buff puff things, like fruit net. Scrub the fecker everytime you are in the shower with shower gel/or whatever you use. Keep a spray of vinegar and spray once a week with neat white vingegar. We do not need a new one, but I did see a newt come out of the plastic bit at the bottom once as it's green. I just don't look.

UCM · 30/08/2007 21:40

Sorry posted after reading title.

Just read your OP and thought you were telling us about spanking. I need to sleep and get out more seriously.

inneedofbreak · 30/08/2007 21:43

Plastic bath screen? Any idea where we get one please.

OP posts:
CantSleepWontSleep · 30/08/2007 21:44

From the 2 options you have given, bath screen, but I prefer what we have to either. When not in use there is simply a shiny metal box on the wall, that people don't even tend to notice. When you want a shower, you unclip the front of the box, and it extends on a gas strut to go horizontally above head level. A little pleated stiff curtain that just comes to the top of the bath then runs out from the box along the strut. When finished, you can put it all away, wet if you like.

It's quite hard to describe/picture, but is fantastic. I believe that we were the first people in the country to own one .

inneedofbreak · 30/08/2007 21:46

Is it difficult to replace the plastic sealant on the screens....dh is VERY concerned about this!!!!!

OP posts:
Furball · 30/08/2007 21:47

Well I would have said screen as looks more modern etc, but since moving and having a curtain (which has never clung to my legs) tis great, just bung in the washing machine every few weeks - comes out like new! have got a materialy type one rather than plastic.

inneedofbreak · 30/08/2007 21:47

cant sleep, do you mean this.... like the idea...

OP posts:
Furball · 30/08/2007 21:48

can'tsleep - any chance of a link?

UCM · 30/08/2007 21:50

God, just buy one from Argos, they never stop selling them, so you only have to put the screw holes in once.

Sealant, what sealant, they screw in, you push on a plastic cover and bobs yours and fannys mine as they say.

Believe me, the stuff in my bathroom cost shitloads of money but I refused to pay for an expensive screen because I knew I would want to replace it every so often. This reminds me that I should really.

UCM · 30/08/2007 21:53

this is it

UCM · 30/08/2007 21:54

I just want to add that I do not have a cheap & cheerful bathroom, I promise. It's just that I will not spend 200 pounds on a shower screen that will have to go in another couple of years.

CantSleepWontSleep · 30/08/2007 22:01

Yes that's like it inneedofbreak, except the one in that pic appears to be a white box, whereas ours is shiny metal. Tis brilliant .

inneedofbreak · 30/08/2007 22:05

ucm, does any water splash out from the side? I always think you have to have a wide one to avoid this....what do you think?

OP posts:
inneedofbreak · 30/08/2007 22:07

Can't sleep,
Dh and I are nearly sold on this!!!
HAve you had any problems with yours? How long have you had it?

OP posts:
pobletsmum · 30/08/2007 22:09

I've had both. I found the shower screen a pain in the becuase it was in a fairly small bathroom, and always seemed to be in the way wherever it as, especially when bathing DS.

The curtain was OK, and I preferred it to the screen (10x) but there is always a tiny gap at the shower end where the water can escape. We had an excellent rail, that ran straight along over the edge of the bath then curved round at right angles. That came from Homebase IIRC.

We're currently working on our new bathroom, and plan to have a special short, fixed shower screen (maybe 6"-9") with a curtain behind it, so we'll have the best of both worlds. I'm not sure where you can buy the special screens from though - leaving that to DH!

inneedofbreak · 30/08/2007 22:16


do you mean this?...

OP posts:
CantSleepWontSleep · 30/08/2007 22:16

Think we've had it about 5 years. It doesn't get used every day as we have 2 bathrooms, but we haven't had any problems with it, and people always comment on it favourably when they stay (because we always show it to them so that they know what they are doing!).

inneedofbreak · 30/08/2007 22:22

Thank you all for your help.
In the end we've decided to take the risk and go for the "Out-A-Sight" screen!!!
Wish us luck!!!

OP posts:
pobletsmum · 30/08/2007 22:24

Yes I did mean something like that.

Good luck with the out-of-sight screen.

Furball · 30/08/2007 22:26

do you need to wipe it down often can'tsleep?

CantSleepWontSleep · 30/08/2007 22:31

I think if you always want to put it away wet then you're just supposed to spray it about once a week, but if you let it dry first then I don't think I've ever wiped it.

[lazy slattern]

CantSleepWontSleep · 30/08/2007 22:39

Just checked that site, and it's actually once a month you should spray it if always putting away wet. That's pretty good I'd say.

UCM · 30/08/2007 22:40

Was just going to add, that I have one of those showers that are right above your head and if you clean the head properly (with vinegar) they only shower you. It's a silver thingy that looks very old, like the things you get on beaches and anyway, no that does not happen.

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