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Somewhat dull...but ds running out of T-shirts that don't look grubby straight from the wash

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Tigana · 24/08/2007 14:26

How can I get rid of those conglomerations of dribble, milk, bolognaise, yoghurt, fruit juice etc around the neck/chest area of ds's tops?

I wash at 40 with ecoballs. But just did a 40 with non-bio powder and grub is no better.

OP posts:
Mung · 24/08/2007 14:29

Sometimes its really tough to get the food out. Other than soaking it as soon as it gets dirty, I cannot really suggest much else. I use soap nuts and sometimes use the Ecover stain remover stuff, but its not that tough.

Tigana · 24/08/2007 14:47

I don't want to say this but should I try vanish ?

Maybe a biological powder?

OP posts:
Mung · 24/08/2007 20:46

I dont know if the powder will work any better than what you have tried. Sometimes my Mum washing DS's clothes when he is at hers and they come back smelling of powder, but not really any cleaner.

As for Vanish...give it a try. If all else fails, bleach the lot and have lots of white t-shirts

peachygirl · 24/08/2007 20:51

I use vanish and it does make my whites whiter.
Line drying also helps. I find that sometimes stains that are on wet clothes disappear when I hang them out on the line

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