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I joined the Flylady today..anyone care to join me in the babysteps?

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FLIER · 24/08/2007 10:55

I currently have a nice shiny sink!

I Need some organisation in my life, so joined up this morning.

If anyone would like to join me and we can compare progress, just let me know, although I don't get on here that often, or for that long!

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phdlife · 24/08/2007 10:56

first I'd want to know what it is! [thick]

FLIER · 24/08/2007 10:57, basically helps you get your housework organised

OP posts:
phdlife · 24/08/2007 11:03

ooley mooley!! you mean, get rid of it?!

phdlife · 24/08/2007 11:06

I don't know about wearing shoes, though.

meandmy · 24/08/2007 11:06

i tried did wel for cpl weeks, then i got distracted my decoraing i found it helped i adjusted it to suit me and dd (14mo) but it does work!

phdlife · 24/08/2007 11:18

I could totally see that happening with me, I get distracted really ead -- ooh, is that a bug??

phdlife · 24/08/2007 11:57

okay but apparently everyone else gets distracted even more easily than I d

FLIER · 24/08/2007 17:47

I'm easily distracted too, but I've got to do something about the state of my house. Not only that but I need to do something to give myself a sense of achievement about something.

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lullamay · 24/08/2007 18:00

would like to join you. am on jury service though for next two weeks so not sure how I will go.

FLIER · 24/08/2007 18:23

great, lullamay. Have you registered for their emails? I did that this morning and started with the sink clean, haven't read whats next yet, intend doing that tonight. .

OP posts:
lullamay · 24/08/2007 20:28

no but will do.

RubyRioja · 24/08/2007 20:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lullamay · 24/08/2007 20:36

tee hee! thanks for that encouragement. I do need it. is it worth signing up for the emails?

FLIER · 24/08/2007 20:36

Thanks RR. I am so disorganised in so many aspects of my life, so am in real need of giving this a go-Hope it works!

OP posts:
RubyRioja · 24/08/2007 20:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dandycandyjellybean · 24/08/2007 21:03

Hi, can i join? I'm on about day 3 I think, but have been disappointed coz I haven't had the flurry of emails everyone talks about. Do you have to register for that then, over and above joining? It's made a huge difference to me already. Not only is my kitchen sink fab, but so is my bathroom one, and my kitchen generally, it really is contagious! I'm not very good at the lace up shoes, tend to schlepp about in flip flops and tracky bottoms (but then I do a lot of exercise and that's my excuse!) But i can't believe how motivated i've been about housework since i've joined - which is amazing really as I have a disabled dh and a 21 month old ds and since a few months after he was born I've paid my mate to come and clean for me once a week (even though we're on benefits I would rather starve than have to try and clean up on top of everything else it just felt way too much)! She hasn't been this week and normally by about day 3 after her visit the place is a sty, but I have kept it clean and really tidy! I think my body has been taken over by aliens! Long may it continue. Anyway, sorry for the ramble, hope you all are flying well too, see you tomorrow.

FLIER · 25/08/2007 09:58

Hey Cubby. Good to hear from you. I must admit I find the lace up shoes thing a bit strange and won't be doing that, we wear slippers around our house . I didn't leave my sink too clean before I went to bed last night, but will do it this morning after breakfast dishes have been cleared up (we all managed a bit of a lie-in this morning for once!).

Keep posting and letting me know how you're getting on-sounds like you're doing fab already!

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lullamay · 25/08/2007 15:42

Hi guys, also agree re lace up shoes. I don't own any (except trainers). Sink still shining.

FLIER · 25/08/2007 16:18

well, after posting about the shoes, I read some more of the flylady steps, and it does make sense why she wants us to dress for the day, down to our shoes, its been proven that people act more professionally when they are dressed. I must admit I felt more in control today, i didn't attempt any cleaning until after I was dressed and put some makeup on-still had my slippers on, mind you

OP posts:
FLIER · 27/08/2007 13:30

nice shiny sink, and its been amazing how much more I've been doing.

How are you getting on, lullamay and cubby?

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