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Airlock in shower????

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Skribble · 01/08/2007 16:31

Right I have revamped the bathroom,
Cleaned the bath and sink until they are gleaming,but...

Got new hose for shower as I thought it was burst as the water isn't flowing right and coming out of the overflow on the shower unit. It started doing this when I was rinsing the bath with it, I thought I had kinkde the aleady deteriating hose, but when I put the new one on it is still coming out of the overflow.

I am begining to think I managed to get an airlock or something in it when I was rinsing. It flows half out of the shower head and half out of the over flow in the normal position, but>>> if I hold the showe head below the shower unit it all comes out of the head not the overflow. Lots of glugging noises too.

ARGH!! what now, I opened up the shower unit to see if it was a blockage but no bits get into to check as its all sealed little bits inside.

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Skribble · 02/08/2007 09:38

Bump for sensible morning people.

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