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Any musicians (especially pianists) out there? I need help with storing my music.

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petunia · 30/07/2007 17:05

I know the obvious thing would be a piano stool with storage, but the ones that I've been looking at are £100+. So is there anything anyone else uses e.g boxes. It really needs to be something that has a lid or is lockable, that DD3 (aged 15mths) can't get into.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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flowerybeanbag · 30/07/2007 17:08

petunia you can get lockable little mini filing cabinet type things from Staples like this that might work?
I keep all mine on a bookcase, but that probably wouldn't work for you if you need it shut away.

petunia · 30/07/2007 17:55

I hadn't thought of a bookcase (perhaps the top shelf), but then most bookcase space has been taken in our house! That mini filing cabinet looks just the thing!

OP posts:
warthog · 31/07/2007 13:34

thing is, most sheet music is larger than a4 size so i'd recommend locking it away in a cupboard and don't worry about storing it boxes. i once saw an amazing storage solution for sheet music - it had material edging so was flexible. have never seen it in a shop and have been keeping my eyes peeled ever since.

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